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Subject: [OWS PR] Plz forward: Occupying Opinion - Call for Op Ed ideas, from the PR team

Please forward to great writers, media-monitors that you know outside the press team

To our peers in the OWS community,

What pieces of the OWS storyline are missing from media coverage of the Occupy Movement? Any messages that you feel we have not yet conveyed effectively? Any Opinion pieces you desperately want to write, or any particular media outlets you want to target through an Opinion article campaign?

On Friday, 6:00 pm, November 11th, please come to the Atrium at 60 Wall Street for an open, Opinion article brainstorming session. We will put our minds together and generate as many ideas for Opinion articles as we can, as we consider appropriate media targets.

This will not be a decisionmaking meeting. Further, the brainstorming session will be filmed by The Guardian, so be prepared to be on camera or to sit behind the cameraman. The Guardian itself may absorb some of the Op Ed ideas generated during the meeting. Most of the really great Opinion pieces generated will not be selected for the Guardian, however the PR team will do its best to place them with other media outlets.

Hope to see you there!


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