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The Occupations Report: 11/9

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This report includes updates from Occupy sites and related efforts
across the country and the globe. It includes big wins, local
organizing efforts, protests/events, police activity reports and calls
to action where additional support from allies/general public may be

For more updates from occupations around the country, listen to the
Occupation America podcast at

BREAKING NEWS OVERNIGHT: Berkeley PD caught on tape beating UC-
Berkeley student protesters in broad daylight. Watch the video here:

Occupy Atlanta
[OA Press Release] “The dynamics of Occupy Atlanta’s campaign to stop
foreclosures and evictions changed dramatically Wednesday night
because of a new threat facing the Rorey family. This threat has
compelled us to pack up our occupation at the Rorey home and move,
alongside Occupy Gwinnett, into the neighborhoods of Snellville and
surrounding areas. Occupy Atlanta is again shown the relevance of its
fight against a system that does not work for working class families
like the Roreys.  We will be holding a press conference at 10:00am on
November 10th 2011 in front of the Gwinnett County Courthouse (75
Langley Dr Lawrenceville, GA 30046), the very courthouse where the
Roreys’ eviction order was signed.”

Occupy Berkeley
Thousands stand their ground after Berkeley police ravage tents
[Overnight Report from OB] Police caught on tape Wednesday night/
Thursday morning beating Occupy Berkeley students. Earlier in the day,
Occupy Berkeley reported: “Right now thousands gather at Berkeley’s
occupation after police removed their tents under the pretense that
those tents were a “safety hazard”. It was reported but not yet
confirmed that at least one reporter was shot with rubber bullets
after inquiring where they should stand. Earlier today people gathered
peacefully at Sproul Plaza to exercise their first amendment rights
and discuss higher education and budget cuts. Berkley police appeared
with batons and tear gas to remove tents from the encampment.
Protesters thwarted police who would remove their tents by forming a
line and locking their arms before the altercation ensued around 3:30
pm on Wed, November 8. Tear gas canisters have not yet been deployed.
Police arrested several people, including English professor Celeste
Langan and UC Berkeley students Sonja Diaz, Zahide Atli, Ramon
Quintero, Ricardo Gomez, Timothy Fisken and Zakary Habash. Hand
clapping can be heard in tandem with chants exclaimed by protesters at
the plaza. The people’s mic is employed as I write this article to
communicate details of the police presence to the group. View the
livestream at

Occupy Riverside
**Call Now to Stop Police Harassment of Occupy Riverside**
[ATVN report] Tuesday - 2nd raid on People's Kitchen threatened for
today. RPD came thru and threatened another raid today. All tents are
down but they want all tables out & the People's Kitchen out, or, they
say, they'll raid again. The maintenance truck has been lurking.
Friday - A total of 11 protesters were arrested at the "Occupy
Riverside" movement after a clash with the police, who were trying to
dismantle the group's camp near City Hall.
Police had begun warning protesters on Friday that the tent city had
to come down due to city ordinances that protect the public plaza.
A fight broke out Sunday after protesters formed a human chain to
prevent the officers from forcibly removing the tents, police say.
One protester threw a bottle at an officer and was arrested on
suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.
The ten others were arrested on suspicion of assault on a police
officer or resisting an officer.
There were no reported injuries although the police came prepared in
full riot gear.
CALL TO ACTION: Please come now or call and tell them to stop!

Mayor Ron Loveridge: 951-316-5234
Mayoral Candidate and City Council Mike Gardner: 951-941-7084
Nancy Heart: 951-288-0035
Andy Melendrez: 951-453-5371
City Council's Desk: 951-826-5991

Occupy Calgary
Occupy Calgary member fired for his participation with the Occupy
movement. Read the letter of termination here:

Occupy DC
[Julia Kahn report] Occupy DC appeared to enter a new phase this week
when a march in solidarity with local construction workers was met
with a significantly increased police presence. When Occupy DC, the
Laborers, and DC Jobs or Else set out from McPherson Square to march
to a nearby Clark Construction worksite where they say management is
refusing to hire local workers, multiple Metropolitan Police
Department (MPD) squad cars and motorcycles, as well as four police on
horseback, lined the street before the protesters had even left the
park. When marchers attempted to take the street, as they have
routinely in recent weeks, they were forced back onto the sidewalk by
police wielding batons and the mounted police. One Occupy DC activist
told Union City that he suspected the police escalation was in
response to occupiers’ successful demand for an investigation into hit-
and-run incidents during Friday night’s action that injured several
occupiers; others said it was in response to Mayor Gray’s warning
Monday that occupiers “ensure that their protests are peaceful and not
discredited by violence.”

Occupy Denver
Occupy Denver Elects a Leader
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock insisted that his city's occupation name
a leader in order "to deal with City and State officials." And he got
his wish! Occupy Denver has elected Shelby, a border collie, as its

Occupy Fresno
[Prison Planet report] Protesters at a public park in Fresno were
harassed and arrested by police for a third consecutive evening Monday
as officers told them that local penal code allowed them to ignore
First Amendment rights and break up protests. The protest group,
calling itself “Occupy Fresno”, has refused to move out of the park
and onto a sidewalk, asserting that it is their constitutional right
to remain where they are. Over the weekend, more than 20 of the
protesters were arrested and led away by police citing a county
ordinance that defines the protesters as trespassers. Officers in riot
gear approached the remaining protesters Monday night, once again
asking them to comply with police orders to leave or face arrest.
Fresno County Sheriffs Lt. Andriatti and Officer Neil Dadian were
filmed informing protesters that local penal code outstrips the First
Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

Occupy Humboldt
**Occupy Humboldt needs your help**
Redwood Curtain Anti-Fascist Action needs your support in several ways
in showing solidarity to the folks occupying Humboldt County. As many
of you within our community know there was a raid conducted on the
Eureka occupation approximately around the time of 4 a.m. Communal
items such as tents, tarps, tables, easy-up's, food, and water were
taken and disposed of. Personal items such as a cell phone, sleeping
bags, shoes, a leg brace (for an injured occupier) were also taken and
'possibly' disposed of. During the solidarity march from Arcata that
ended in Eureka on the courthouse lawn, a General Assembly was formed
to rebuild a network distraught from the symbolically and physically
violent nature of the raid.

Occupy Houston
[Houston Chronicle report] Members of the Occupy Houston movement were
arrested at Tranquility Park in downtown Houston late Tuesday night,
the group said.
More than a dozen police officers came into the park about 11 p.m. and
took several people into custody, said Mary Belcik, a group member.
Occupy Houston members said about 10 people were detained, with six or
seven ultimately arrested. Belcik said police told the group it was
violating a City of Houston ordinance against structures in public
parks. Victor Senties, a spokesman for the Houston Police Department,
said eight people were arrested, including six for putting up a
structure in a city park and two for failure to comply with lawful
orders. Senties said three other people were detained for jaywalking.
They were issued tickets and released. Most of those arrested have
been released, their attorney said later Wednesday. The group had
placed a tarp above solar batteries for their computers to protect the
equipment from rain, said Belcik. The tarp apparently violated the
ordinance and the officers removed it.

Occupy Los Angeles
Occupy Wall Street organizer David DeGraw spoke at Occupy L.A. on
Sunday night and said focus would shift to the Los Angeles encampment
during the New York winter. "L.A. is going to blow up over the next
few months and through the winter," DeGraw said, according to Neon
Tommy. "The winter is brutal. People in New York are talking about
coming out here. We're going to keep pushing, but it's definitely
going to slow [OWS] down. You are all going to have to step up. It's
your turn to lead the leaderless."

Occupy Oakland
[Huffington Post report] Mayor Jean Quan has renewed her appeal to
Occupy Oakland representatives to meet with city officials and discuss
the future of the growing encampment of protesters outside City Hall.
Her latest overture comes as dueling video evidence was released by
Oakland authorities and by a man who experts say appears to be the
victim of excessive police force.
The month-old protest camp in a public plaza downtown has grown to
about 180 tents. The mayor on Tuesday echoed concerns of business
leaders, saying the tent city is hurting commerce – and, she added,
straining an already stretched city budget. Officials day Occupy
Oakland-related events though the end of October have cost the city
slightly more than $1 million, mostly for police overtime. "This
situation is costing us real jobs," the mayor said in a statement. "We
can't afford to lose a single job."

Occupy Orlando
Early Sunday morning, police arrested 11 Occupy Orlando participants
holding a First Amendment Teach-In and open political discussion that
was being broadcast on live on the internet via Livestream. At the
time of the arrests, approximately 60 participants braved a chilly
rain to discuss why their First Amendment rights are critical at this
time, and why they joined the 99 Percent Movement. Orlando Police made
a show of force arriving at 12:21 a.m. in 11 cruisers, two unmarked
SUVs and a van. Arrests began at 12:26 after a brief announcement to
clear the park. As the arrests happened, participants who had gathered
for the First Amendment Teach-In reacted by shouting “Shame! Shame!”
and chanted for their right to assemble under the First Amendment.

Occupy Portland
[Oregon Live report] Portland police are drafting "an immediate action
plan" to remove the Occupy Portland encampment downtown if Mayor Sam
Adams gives the signal, sources said Wednesday.
The escalation in planning comes a day after police discovered an
incendiary device at the World Trade Center, and Adams said the person
who planted it was linked to the camp.
The mayor, on OPB's "Think Out Loud" program, again said that the camp
must confront its problems, including drug use, assaults and a rise in
crime in the surrounding neighborhoods. Then he put out a blunt
warning: "They have to deal with it. If they don't, then we have to
deal with it."
The pressure went up again Wednesday afternoon when the Bureau of
Developmental Services issued seven citations to the Parks and
Recreation Bureau for damage to Chapman and Lownsdales squares since
the occupation began Oct. 6.

Occupy Raleigh
A Raleigh City Council committee denied a request for Occupy Raleigh
protesters to encamp near City Hall.
Supporters of the Occupy Raleigh movement addressed members of the Law
and Public Safety committee Tuesday morning. The group wanted to move
to one of two locations that included Avery Upchurch park near City
Council members said they were concerned about safety, noise and
setting a new precedent. It's currently illegal to sleep in a public
park. As a compromise, the council members said they would support the
protesters efforts to find a private place for their movement.

Occupy Sacramento
SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Forget taking on city hall, Occupy Sacramento
protestors say they will now begin an occupation of Sacramento City
The protesters say they are making the move to occupy city hall after
Sacramento City refused to grant a special permit for peaceful
assembly at the movement’s base camp of Cesar Chavez Park.
Last week, Occupy Sacramento lawyers were denied a special permit to
stay at the park 24 hours a day.
“We attempted to be reasonable, to make application for a special
permit and agreeing to large concessions, thereby ending the arrests
and court costs that have been wasting Sacramento taxpayer money. The
City chose to ignore us, and ignore how they are squandering the
people’s money,” said Cres Vellucci, a spokesperson for Occupy
Organizers say they got the idea to occupy city hall from the federal
judge in their case last week who happened to mention there is no
permit needed to stay at for city hall.
Occupy Sacramento protesters are now moving their tents, tables and
other items to Sacramento City Hall on I Street.
Protesters say they will still maintain the base camp at Cesar Chavez
Occupy Sacramento leaders just announced the move to protest at city
hall and Sacramento City leaders have not had a chance to respond.
So far, 83 Occupy Sacramento protesters have been arrested at Cesar
Chavez Park.

Occupy St. Louis
[KMOX report] Wearing stickers reading “we are the 99 percent” and
carrying hand painted signs, a couple dozen Occupy St. Louis
Protestors gathered outside the Fannie Mae offices in Clayton early
Wednesday afternoon, to support a Ballwin homeowner who’s trying to
save her home from foreclosure. Marva Williams says she’s been trying
to restructure her mortgage with her lender for about two years, to no
avail. Wednesday, while the protestors chanted on the sidewalk outside
the building on Central Avenue, she asked Fannie Mae for help.
Emerging after about a 45 minute meeting, Williams told the
demonstrators that a Fannie Mae official told her, “We both have
common goals. But they also warned that this thing is income driven.
So it is very likely I could wind up in the very same situation.”
Williams says just because she can’t make her monthly payments, she
shouldn’t be kicked out of her home, “If these big banks would look
more closely at how we have to live, and if they would use some of the
dollars they got from us to do principle reductions, it would be a
whole different world out here. You wouldn’t have old grandmas like me
trying to talk to somebody in my investor office. It would be a much
easier world to live in.”
A Fannie Mae spokesman tells KMOX that this is the first time Williams
has contacted them about her situation. He says anyone in a similar
situation should contact their local help center or by calling 1-866-442-9375.

Occupy San Diego/Occupy Marines
According to soldiers in support of the occupy movement (Soldiers for
the Cause), the county of San Diego released a 10-page document today
that makes the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department look like they
are preparing for an all-out war against the peaceful protesters at
Occupy San Diego. View it here:

Occupy Wall St
About two dozen Occupy Wall Street protesters have started a two-week
walk from New York to Washington.
The activists left Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park on Wednesday. Police on
scooters flanked them as they marched past the World Trade Center site
toward a ferry pier. They planned to resume their walk in New Jersey
and go through Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland, then arrive in
Washington by Nov. 23.
In other news, about 100 protesters from Occupy Wall Street will join
a Teamsters picket line at the Sotheby’s auction house in Manhattan
tonight (Wed,, Nov. 9) to back the union in an important battle to
fight wage cuts. The action, called OCCUPY SOTHEBY'S, will picket the
1% in support of locked-out Teamsters art handlers at one of the
biggest art auctions of the year.

Occupy London
About 200 protesters have formed a "pop-up" Occupy-style protest camp
in London's Trafalgar Square as over 10,000 students continue to march
through the city today opposing the government's education policies.
200 protesters have broken away from the main group and surrounded the
popular landmark, Nelson's Column, according to the Telegraph's live
blog of the student protests in London today. Reportedly brandishing a
sign reading "Whose streets, our streets," pictures have emerged on
Twitter of tents popping up around the monument.

Occupy Romania
About a dozen people occupied a historic building in the Romanian city
of Cluj on Monday to protest a Canadian subsidiary's plan to mine gold
using the controversial cyanide process in a nearby heritage area.
"We call on the Romanian president and prime minister to stop lobbying
in favour of this harmful project," protester Raluca Dan told AFP. "We
want to draw attention to the lies spread about the project, which is
to use large quantities of cyanide and destroy all that represents the
value of Rosia Montana village," the protesters said in a statement.
The protesters, including architects, artists and a telecommunication
engineer, said they would not leave the disused Renaissance and
Baroque-style building in Cluj's central square until their demands
are met.
Occupy TVR: the national Tv statin. Flashmobs in Bucharest, Cluj,
Targu Mures in front of the television for not broadcasting the news
concerning the argument against de Gold Corporation’s project in Rosia
Montana. All the participants were fined, a few of them (in Bucharest,
the Capital of Romania) were taken down to the police station.

Occupy Wellington
The Safer Spaces Committee has finalized their official Safer Spaces
policy. View it and use it:
The group has also voted to participate in the Worldwide Day of
Action: People's Parliament on 11.11.11.
See the poster here:

Feed the Movement
[Member report] “Feed the Movement is an open, leaderless group of
farmers, advocates, occupied kitchen workers, and others based in New
England/New York. Feed the Movement is a grassroots effort to supply
fresh produce from the eastern region’s small farms to the kitchens of
the ongoing Occupy movements in New York and New England. Currently we
are bringing a truckload of farm produce to the kitchens at Occupy
Wall St. and Occupy Boston weekly, with plans being made for donations
to Occupy Burlington.
Though produce to date has been donated by farmers in solidarity with
the occupations, we are hoping to raise donations from the general
public to pay the farmers, thus supporting the small farm economy and
the occupations at the same time.” Visit their website at, for more info.

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