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Oh hey, thanks for ccing the legal team with this.


We're planning to use small pocket radios as mobile speakers for our radio

content in the park. Example:


We don't think these fall under the category of "amplified sound", but

that is what the whiteshirt called them when he asked us to shut them off.

We were using four radios like that at the Goldman Sachs trial to play

WBAI's broadcast so that people could hear at the edge of the crowd. The

same whiteshirt also claimed laptop speakers were "amplified sound" which

seems very unlikely.


We've been doing some research on this and we found that on page 19 of the

NYC Noise Code, the rules for "personal audio devices" say that the sound

from these devices must not be "plainly audible" at a distance of 25 feet

or more. The code can be found at or


So we think our pocket radios are actually "personal audio devices" and

not "amplified sound" which needs a permit. But do the rules change when

you are using multiple radios to play the same content? If anyone from the

legal working group can advise on what our rights are that would be great.



> amplified sound?


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>> I don't mean to take this thread off topic too much, but we have a

>> question about NYC sound ordinances for the radio project. Does anyone

>> know how we can contact the legal working group about this? Thanks!


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>>> NLG? Legal Working group? Or legel advocates?


>>> Michael








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>>> Anybody have the legal team contact. Legal team in SF needs it. Thanks.

>>> Abe