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Sent time:   Thursday, November 10, 2011 8:53:22 PM
To:   Global Revolution Media <>
Subject:   SPAM-MED: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Re: Livestream vs Wirecast vs Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder

Current version of Wirecast is 4.1.2. It's my software of choice. I

don't have audio issues. Audio can be complex to setup because it is

one of the view that allows multiple simultaneous audio sources which

can be composited (as well as video of course).


BTW Tricaster has some serious limitations. Great if you have all HD-

SDI on the high end or all composite BNC on the low end but otherwise

you may be spending serious money on adaptors Even the famous Leo

Laporte ends up taking the output of it to MacMinis to encode with

Adobe FMLE because Tricaster's encoder is limited. Tricaster really

doesn't have anything like Desktop Presenter (which can be finicky

when first setting it up) which can send Video and Audio over LAN from

every computer on that LAN. That gives you a good number of pseudo

camera inputs. The LAN has to be wired gigabit though because it needs

lots of bandwidth. I've also used Desktop Presenter and Skype Group

Video to have live virtual panel discussions. Basically with enough

computing power Wirecast could handle more total inputs than



Wirecast can handle HDMI with Blackmagic Intensity Pro cards. It can

handle Teradek Cube in as a live camera using WiFi mode (camera needs

to be no more than a couple hundred feet away though) but at least

they're not tethered to the laptop. It has to be Wirecast Pro version

though. It can also receive video from LiveU for long distance camera

work (needs to be on Windows Server though). Also has to be Pro

version. It can also handle certain IP cameras (again Pro version). If

you have Final Cut Pro installed it can record to hard drive in Apple

ProRes so you can have a high quality near uncompressed master for

editing. BTW Wirecast license allows you to run two copies and they

can be either Mac or Windows (you can run one on each if you'd like).

Wirecast can also stream to multiple CDNs at the same time. Some

people send to Livestream, Ustream, JustinTV (and use different

settings for each) at the same time with Wirecast.


If you'd like, I can come down Saturday to Lafayette and everything a

thorough look over, troubleshoot, and do a training.

Let me know ASAP.


If you're looking for something other than Livestream that's

professional white label BitGravity might be one possibility. I know

they have "sponsored" shows for some people.




On Nov 10, 8:04 pm, Melissa Ulto <> wrote:

> hi peeps


> so the time has come to review some of our options in streaming.

> ideally, we should be using a white label service we can brand and

> control. but that takes $$$.


> in the meantime:


> - tonight for a client i tried to stream using Procaster 20.2 - what a

> nightmare - grabs all system resources and lists usage at 100% and

> leads to total stream fail. i'm testing later which version to roll

> back to successfully and will let you know. its a known issue in the

> livestream forums. ugh...


> - i've also used wirecast - which version Vlad are we shooting to use?

> v3.x is pretty stable but 4.x is nicer. i'm not sure if there are

> newer versions. the audio issues, however, ugh...


> - a new player - Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder - works with

> livestream accounts - lets test this - supposedly CPU/mem lite


> eventually, for the studio, i see a Tricaster 850 and HDMI cameras -

> but that's down the road. we should see if we can find a livestream

> white label service that might donate or give a discount. livestream

> is so wonky lately and frustrating to work with.


> what other options - Ustream,, Boinxtv? also some

> other services that aren't big brands...suggestions?


> lets actively research a longer term solution.


> :) m.