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Ok, finally we are done with the Press Release for tomorrow!� Ok, please see this google doc to edit and copy into word doc for final version.� IT IS HERE.

Also, the text is below.��� Can we still get this out tomorrow?�� I think it just needs a quick look over and then can go out?� Thanks so much yall, we are really excited about this!


Occupy Your Block Press Release

Occupy Wall Street calls upon New York to take to the neighborhoods.

The Occupy movement is far more than a physical occupation. �What began as the act of a few occupying a physical space has now far transcended Liberty Park, or McPherson Square in Washington DC, or Oscar Grant Plaza in Oakland. Rather, we recognize that this spark of resistance, hope, and possibility has ignited thousands of people. �Apathy or hopelessness has � for the first time in many years � ceded to hope, optimism, common indignation, and the belief that collective action and dialogue can truly transform society.

Occupy Your Block is an initiative to build on this momentum at the community level. �It is a collaborative effort between Occupy movements of NYC and community organizations and individuals to connect the work being done in communities to the Occupy Movement at large. �The message is simple: �Occupy your Block� in whatever manner you please. �This initiative will kick-off over the weekend of Friday, Nov. 11th through Sunday, Nov. 13th.

Lola Katan a Junior at Beacon High School is planning a teach-in to be held in her school library to discuss how the economic and political situation affects their future.1 �A man from Far Rockaway hung a sign in his window, talked to a few friends, and was surprised when fifteen neighbors showed up to organize a General Assembly.2 ��A community organization, a religious group, a union held open forums and teach-ins discussing the movement.3 ��A lone woman walked out to her park and wrote �I am the 99%� on the concrete with chalk. �Later she walked by and her fellow 99% had filled the entire park: �I am the 99%.�4 �The Gabby family from Jersey City planned a clean-up at Mary Benson Park.5

Our struggle for economic justice and real democracy has long existed; community organizations and neighborhood activists have been organizing for these rights for decades. �We acknowledge their hard work today; and we call for all New Yorkers to organize locally, speak-out, be heard, and engage all you know!

1) �Contact Lola Katan at or 646 245 6271
2) Contact John Baxter at or 917-575-9624
3) Contact OWS Outreach at or 617-365-9266 /
Sam Blickle w/ Make the Road New York at or 530-514-3528
4) Contact Ben Zolno at
5) Contact OWS Outreach at or 617-365-9266

General Inquires please inquire with OWS Press Team or OWS Outreach at / 617-365-9266. �Additional Contacts can be provided upon request.

The list of this weekends events follows. �Please see for detailed information. �Updates forthcoming.


Teach-In: Modern-Day Slavery in the Welfare System in NYC and how low-income people are fighting to end it.
Hosted by Community Voices Heard
Friday, November 11th 1:00pm
CVH Office � East Harlem
115 East 106th St., 3rd Floor


Occupy Your Block / Occupy Brooklyn
Saturday November 12th 10:00am � 7:00pm
Sunday, November 12th � 13th �11:00am � 6:00pm
Near Brooklyn Borough Hall, Korean War Veteran�s Plaza at Cadman Plaza West/East between Tillary and Johnson St.

NYC Premiere: Portraits of a Solidarity Economy
Saturday, November 12 � 2:00pm - 4:00pm
The Commons Brooklyn

Bluestockings �OCCUPIED: Occupy Wall Street Art Show�
Monday, November 14th @ 7PM � Free
172 Allen St.
New York, NY 10002

Occupy Your Block with Gabby & Family
Mary Benson Park Clean-Up
Saturday, November 12th 1:00pm � 3:00pm
Mary Benson Park, Jersey City

Community Teach-In Series: Racial Justice and the Occupy Movement
Saturday, November 12 6:00pm � 8:00pm
Union Theological Seminary, 3041 Broadway Rm. 207

Teach-In with Make the Road New York / OWS
St. Joe�s Catholic Church
Sunday November 13th, 2:00pm

Occupy Staten Island & Ferry
Saturday November 12th
Wall Street @ Staten Island
Sunday November 13th
1:00 General Assembly @ Food Court in Staten Island Mall


Day of OWS Events, Teach-Ins at Slave Theater
November 13th
1215 Fulton St. Brooklyn