From:   Melissa Ulto <>
Sent time:   Friday, November 11, 2011 5:50:22 AM
To:   Global Revolution Media <>
Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Re: Livestream vs Wirecast vs Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder

Saturday works for me! Lets do it - how is 1 pm? or noon?


The tricaster is limited but its studio use only as i see it. not

mobile. we can mix both remote wirecast streams and studio streams -

Tricaster can send signal to any system - i've used it with

Livestream, Ustream, and a few others. the mobile media unit should be

either entirely camera broadcast based (terradecks) or with a laptop

assist on site, using whatever app best works to stream.


the best app has to:


- be CPU/mem light on load

- easy to use - relatively, considering most users should be somewhat

computer savvy

- have a reliable secondary option - escalation path - livestream

fails, then wirecast, then FMLE...etc.


:) m.


On Nov 10, 10:53 pm, cseeman <> wrote:

> Current version of Wirecast is 4.1.2. It's my software of choice. I

> don't have audio issues. Audio can be complex to setup because it is

> one of the view that allows multiple simultaneous audio sources which

> can be composited (as well as video of course).


> BTW Tricaster has some serious limitations. Great if you have all HD-

> SDI on the high end or all composite BNC on the low end but otherwise

> you may be spending serious money on adaptors Even the famous Leo

> Laporte ends up taking the output of it to MacMinis to encode with

> Adobe FMLE because Tricaster's encoder is limited. Tricaster really

> doesn't have anything like Desktop Presenter (which can be finicky

> when first setting it up) which can send Video and Audio over LAN from

> every computer on that LAN. That gives you a good number of pseudo

> camera inputs. The LAN has to be wired gigabit though because it needs

> lots of bandwidth. I've also used Desktop Presenter and Skype Group

> Video to have live virtual panel discussions. Basically with enough

> computing power Wirecast could handle more total inputs than

> Tricaster.


> Wirecast can handle HDMI with Blackmagic Intensity Pro cards. It can

> handle Teradek Cube in as a live camera using WiFi mode (camera needs

> to be no more than a couple hundred feet away though) but at least

> they're not tethered to the laptop. It has to be Wirecast Pro version

> though. It can also receive video from LiveU for long distance camera

> work (needs to be on Windows Server though). Also has to be Pro

> version. It can also handle certain IP cameras (again Pro version). If

> you have Final Cut Pro installed it can record to hard drive in Apple

> ProRes so you can have a high quality near uncompressed master for

> editing. BTW Wirecast license allows you to run two copies and they

> can be either Mac or Windows (you can run one on each if you'd like).

> Wirecast can also stream to multiple CDNs at the same time. Some

> people send to Livestream, Ustream, JustinTV (and use different

> settings for each) at the same time with Wirecast.


> If you'd like, I can come down Saturday to Lafayette and everything a

> thorough look over, troubleshoot, and do a training.

> Let me know ASAP.


> If you're looking for something other than Livestream that's

> professional white label BitGravity might be one possibility. I know

> they have "sponsored" shows for some people.


> cseeman


> On Nov 10, 8:04 pm, Melissa Ulto <> wrote:








> > hi peeps


> > so the time has come to review some of our options in streaming.

> > ideally, we should be using a white label service we can brand and

> > control. but that takes $$$.


> > in the meantime:


> > - tonight for a client i tried to stream using Procaster 20.2 - what a

> > nightmare - grabs all system resources and lists usage at 100% and

> > leads to total stream fail. i'm testing later which version to roll

> > back to successfully and will let you know. its a known issue in the

> > livestream forums. ugh...


> > - i've also used wirecast - which version Vlad are we shooting to use?

> > v3.x is pretty stable but 4.x is nicer. i'm not sure if there are

> > newer versions. the audio issues, however, ugh...


> > - a new player - Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder - works with

> > livestream accounts - lets test this - supposedly CPU/mem lite


> > eventually, for the studio, i see a Tricaster 850 and HDMI cameras -

> > but that's down the road. we should see if we can find a livestream

> > white label service that might donate or give a discount. livestream

> > is so wonky lately and frustrating to work with.


> > what other options - Ustream,, Boinxtv? also some

> > other services that aren't big brands...suggestions?


> > lets actively research a longer term solution.


> > :) m.