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Subject: MIRABAL SISTERS 5th Harlem and Washington Heights Tenants Convention
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Dear Friends
The Mirabal Sisters Community Center is holding its 5th Harlem and Washington Heights Tenants Convention.
The convention theme is "Knowing My Rights". It takes place on Saturday November 19, 2011, at Public School PS128, 560 West 169 Street, Manhattan between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. It also marks the tenth anniversary since the Center was founded. Please see attached posters.

Would you represent #OWS at our convention and talk to the topic of economic justice/income inequality/empowerment of grassroots communities?
Your experience with the occupation over the last couple of months would be a great contribution. You can speak in Spanish or English. We have you scheduled for the 1:30-3:30PM time slot.

This year the focus will be on tenant's rights and also rights having to do with labor, education, health, environment, language, immigration and economic justice.
There will be presenters from the Metropolitan Council on Housing, the Alliance for Quality Education, the Immgration Wage Rights Project, the New York District Attorney’s Office, the Real Rent Reform campaign and other organizations addressing the over all topic of human rights.

Please confirm if you plan to join us.
Thank you,

Andres Mares Muro
Tenant Advocate
Mirabal Sisters Cultural & Community Center
618 West 142nd Street
NY, NY  10031

Our Mission

 The Mirabal Sisters Cultural and Community Center, Inc. is a grassroots community organization committed to cultivate leadership and mobilize residents to collectively demand social, economic and environmental justice and find solutions that address the root causes of the injustice against low-income, immigrants, Latinos and people of color in West Harlem, Washington Heights and Inwood. With our projects we empower the community for civic participation through community organizing and advocating for tenants rights, affordable housing, environmental justice, youth leadership development, better education, and promoting our artistic and cultural values to strengthen the community unity and identity.

Nuestra Misión

El Centro Cultural y Comunitario Hermanas Mirabal, Inc. es una organización comunitaria de base comprometida a cultivar liderazgo y movilizar a los residentes para exigir colectivamente justicia social, económica y medioambiental y encontrar soluciones que aborden las causas profundas de la injusticia contra las personas de bajos ingresos, los inmigrantes, los latinos y la gente de color en el oeste de Harlem, Washington Heights e Inwood. Con nuestros proyectos fortalecemos la comunidad para la participación ciudadana a través de la organización comunitaria y la defensa de los derechos de los inquilinos, la vivienda asequible, la justicia medioambiental, el desarrollo de liderazgo juvenil, el mejoramiento de la educación, y la promoción de nuestros valores artísticos y culturales para fortalecer la unidad y la identidad de la comunidad.

618 West 142nd West, Ground Fl, New York, NY 10031. Tel.: 212-234-3002 Fax:212-234-3005