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Subject:   Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] URGENT: Egyptian Delegation Info Packet

i'm not liking the "religion" question in the questionnaire.  if the egyptians requested, we should push back on it.  if we proposed it, it's not relevant.

white hat

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Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] URGENT: Egyptian Delegation Info Packet

To all participatory Working Groups and Caucuses:

The Egyptians are honored that the Occupy Wall Street GA approved our proposal for OWS to send a delegation to Egypt to observe the upcoming elections the first elections since the revolution.  There is work to do: Working Groups need to decide who they want to nominate to take this unprecedented trip to Egypt. Please be mindful of the purposes we are trying to fulfill in your selections process - this selection is being deadlined for Sunday 9pm.

As it stands now the amount for each WG for nominations is 2 but that module could shift, so we are asking WG's to nominate 2 and then have 1 alternative. A questionnaire is attached to this email please return this questionnaire to  

Sunday 10am Movement Building will have a final information session, everyone is welcome. Location 60 Wall St. Please reference the attached documents to answer your questions and concerns.

Thanks to all, 


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