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Fantastic idea, Charles! After all, if they're "persons," they can be read their rights, no?

I'm flashing back to movie scenes of cops surrounding a building, the sergeant telling a suspect through a bullhorn to come out with his hands up...

Only this time we're the cops using a people's mic to demand Mr. Goldman J. Sachs or Ms. JPMorganChaseCitiSovereign give themselves up quietly...

(The bad movie flashback continues:) Then the cops bring in the perp's gray-haired old mother, Tallulah Bankfraud, who sobs into her handkerchief as she tells her wayward banker son to give up his evil ways and come out...



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Better yet (in my eyes), what about making a similar declaration

outside the headquarters of the major too big to fail banks and more

disreputable hedge funds?


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> I've been thinking.  The reading of Miranda rights to an accused

> perpetrator is very powerful as a symbol.  Imagine occupations all as

> one, at the same time marching to their police departments, and as a

> unified chant began to read their local police chiefs their rights for

> their attempted violation of 1st amendment rights.  Imagine the video

> of a mass of people in front of Oakland, Denver, and New York police

> HQ's:  "You have the right to remain silent. ..." etc.