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Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] #Occupy Philadelphia Situation

Hey everyone -

I don't have any direct contacts with folks in Philly but I know some people are on these lists. This just came in to my personal email - I just have no idea how to respond to him and want to help in some way. 

Please read below - if anyone has any advice or thoughts for him feel free to email me and I will forward - or contact Sean Kitchen directly at

I don't mean to muck up the lists for their intended uses but I don't know what else to do and I know you guys to be ingenious.


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Date: November 12, 2011 12:17:23 AM EST
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We are at Dilworth Plaza, and I am at my school.  I've been organizing all weekend.  We have a few members from Occupy Philadelphia Media who was there and one is Dan S (856-842-8696).  The city asked us to move across the street to Thomas Paine Plaza, so they can convert the area to an open air market in the spring, summer, and fall months and ice rink in the winter.  It is part of a green space the city is going to install and was part of a Federal Trans Grant that the city was given by the DOT.  The anarchist have no clue how government work, that's probably why they are anarchist, but they wanted the city to use the money elsewhere.  The market is opened to privately owned vendors in the city.  
We have a trustifarian anarchist, Cindy Milstein (do a quick google of her and you will find out she is on a bunch of domestic watch lists, and no fly lists.  We also have Iraq Vets Against the War helping us, they know she funnels money to "middle east" causes.) down here influencing the GA's with swinging people to her ideologies, and she has been transporting anarchist in when important votes happen. So we are in a really sticky situation down here.

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where are you located and what would be helpful - i just want to try to put you in touch with th right people and give you as much info as possible.


On Nov 12, 2011, at 12:02 AM, Kitchen, Sean wrote:

We have a huge anarchy problem, and they just blocked a jobs proposal which will start on Nov 15. City wanted to give and extend permit to other location, but it was voted down.  Check our page for the news.  We have an arachist here, Cindy Milstein, who is staunch supporter of black bloc, and she is trying to convert members of the anarchist to use black bloc tactics in OP.  NEED HELP ASAP

Andrea Ciannavei

Andrea Ciannavei