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No debe haber ningun tipo de pleitesia   En la revolucion horizontal,.no existe el seniority en este movimiento.


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Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Re: Argentine documentary looking for OWS footage
Date: Sat, Nov 12, 2011 1:29 am

Hey Vlad,

First of all, thank you very much for your reply and for speaking from
personal experience without turning it into the personal accusation
that it could have been.

I will be as honest as possible in my reply, because I want to make
sure that everyone understands why I sent the email and what my
connection is to this production company. I was recommended by a
friend who's a DP and had worked with this production company in the
past to work on this documentary helping them find stories from
individuals involved in OWS to use on their series because I work as a
freelance producer and because he knew that I was very involved in
OWS. I know very little about their background, except for what
they've told me through emails and in the press release they provided
me with for the project, which did mention that they are producing
this project for Turner and that they did in fact filmed in Spain
during m15 amongst other locations. I also have reason to believe your
claim that they pushed for a low rate because personally I'm being
paid about half of what I originally asked for, which wasn't a high
rate to begin with. I sincerely appreciate the heads up more than
anyone else, because it gives me a clearer sense of who I'm dealing
with and who I'm working for.

That being said, I'd like to take the opportunity to express my deep
commitment to this movement above any professional considerations.
It's a strange position to be in for me to all of a sudden be mixing
my political work with a paid gig, but I took it despite the rate
because I felt like it was a useful opportunity to help amplify
articulate, important voices within the movement, and I trusted myself
to be able to find them. I also could use the money since I've only
been freelancing since July and am still getting in the groove of
things. They mentioned that they were looking for footage from past
OWS events and I offered to email that request to the media group
because I know that there is a lot of great work being done in the
group and I figured this would be an opportunity for some of the
people doing it to get some compensation and again, amplify the reach
of their work.

Lastly, I know that by being absent from the meetings for the past few
weeks I've turned somewhat into a ghost presence within the media
group. I'm sure I'm not the only one, and all I can say in my defense
is that I've been finishing post-production on a project and
dedicating most of the leftover time to OWS en español, which isn't
nearly as organized as media and which I feel has needed my presence
more. I've tried to build a bridge between media and OWS en español to
help fill an existing gap, and I've kept up with media through these
email threads and casual conversation with members of the group. For
me it's important to clarify all these things because I wouldn't want
this incident to tarnish my credibility amongst you all, for whom I
have nothing but respect and a desire to collaborate and learn from in
this struggle.

I'm going to do my best to be present at Tuesday's meeting (I can't
make tomorrow's because I'm going to Occupy Sunset Park) to say hi,
reconnect with you all, show my face and hopefully discuss ways in
which we can continue forward.

with love and solidarity,


On Nov 11, 3:43 pm, Vlad T <> wrote:
> more info they basically came to audiovisual comission in Spain m15
> movement with a story that they were a small production company out of
> Argentina.  based on that they tried to buy footage from the collective at
> super low rate ($7/second I beluve) and then later in contract discussions
> it came out that they were buying the footage for turner, and they started
> trying to insert all kinds of crazy IP clauses like future media forms etc
> into the contract.  so beware of dealing with them.
> On Nov 11, 2011 2:31 PM, "Vlad T" <> wrote:
> > hey we dealt with these people in Madrid.  they are a front company for
> > Turner Broadcasting
> >  On Nov 11, 2011 2:27 PM, "Sofía Gallisá Muriente" <>
> > wrote:
> >> Hey all,
> >> As I wrote some days back, I was contacted by a production company from
> >> Argentina working on a documentary series who are in need of OWS footage.
> >> They have been filming stories of social/political activism around the
> >> world for an investigative journalism piece called "26 People to Save the
> >> World" and intend on coming to NY to film some more at OWS and elsewhere in
> >> the states. For full disclosure, I will be working for them as a production
> >> coordinator here in NY.
> >> I'm writing because they are looking for broll of the occupation and the
> >> marches so far and I agreed to pass on their request to the media group in
> >> case any of you who have been shooting have footage you'd like to offer
> >> them. They need it to be HDV 1920x1080 and although I don't know specifics
> >> regarding payment, terms of use, etc, you can contact their production
> >> coordinator in Argentina, Lorena Dabul with all these questions. Her email
> >> is - let her know that you're writing from the
> >> media team at OWS and that you got her information from me.
> >> Obviously we're all involved in this occupation and this media group
> >> because of our political and artistic commitment, but this seems to me like
> >> an interesting opportunity to share the images we've been collecting with a
> >> broader audience and hopefully get some compensation for it that'll help
> >> you continue dedicating time and energies to OWS while still paying the
> >> bills.
> >> keep on keeping on,
> >> Sofía