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Subject:   [september17discuss] Re: Fwd: POC-OWS Article: "The Leaders of the Allegedly Leaderless Movement"

I do worry sometimes about the Facilitation Working Group. I intend to

participate in the Movement Spokes Council to help represent the

Movement groups that I'm part of. But I think we do need to sustain a

healthy level of critical thinking with regard to the Facilitation

Working Group and the ongoing organizational consolidation of OWS. The

more hierarchical the movement becomes, the easier it will be for

outside groups (police, lobbyists, provocateurs) to co-opt it. I've

already found myself on conference calls with lobbyists in Washington

who want to help the movement, but also want to know how to co-opt the

movement (something I realized during the conversation), so trust me,

the gears are already turning, and that was with an outwardly benign



I applaud members of Facilitation who have given so freely of their

time to help organize events, discussions and votes for the movement.

I also think there should be more cycling of individuals within

Facilitation so that the organization does not become top-heavy and

vulnerable in that way.


By the way, whoever was responsible for arranging the location of the

last Operations Group Spokes Council meeting on Tuesday, would you

care to explain what the process was for choosing that specific

location? That was sketchy as hell. I don't mind participating in

meetings in front of police officers, as no one's doing anything

illegal, but seriously, that location was extremely uncomfortable.

There must be better places we can go to meet.






On Nov 12, 11:24 am, "J.A. Myerson" <> wrote:

> Global Research are a bunch of full-of-shit hacks.


> Of course there are people whose ideas are more compelling or who are more

> eloquent or more likable or who have more time to devote to the occupation

> or who for whatever other reason can galvanize the group to support their

> proposals, and in that sense they become "leaders."


> But that is not important. Nothing about OWS asks people to subordinate

> their individuality. In fact, just the opposite. We're about creating a

> society where individuals flourish because no one person has any more

> political power than anyone else.


> Complete political equality is the basis of leaderlessness and of

> democracy, and no one Global Research mentions has any political supremacy.

> They are muddying the important issue with non sequitur.


> My two cents.












> On Sat, Nov 12, 2011 at 11:18 AM, Bruce Wagner <> wrote:

> > Wow.


> > Comments....?


> > I don't like the idea of dropping democracy so fast.... in favor of a

> > "representative democracy".


> > Not Good.


> > Every voice should be heard.


> > Every person should be allowed a vote.


> > I represent myself.  I need no representative.

> >  On Nov 11, 2011 10:37 PM, "Liliana Gomez" <> wrote:


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