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This article is a one sided smear job that doesn't give all of the facts.  I blocked the spokes council proposal until i thought they worked out the kinks, so I cannot be accused of being in league with the structure committee.)  This is not representative democracy, this is each working group organizing on the ground having a say in how things are run, without having to the GA for everything.  The spokesperson for each group must rotate.  There is no shadowy cabal running everything like the article implies, as you all know.  The structure group even withdrew their application to be considered for the council because they decided that they are not an operational working group.  Please go to the comment section of this article and tell the real story because a lot of people are reading it and assuming that it is the whole truth. 
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I don't like the idea of dropping democracy so fast.... in favor of a "representative democracy".

Not Good.

Every voice should be heard.

Every person should be allowed a vote.

I represent myself.  I need no representative.

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