From:   Renée Renata Bergan <>
Sent time:   Saturday, November 12, 2011 12:17:01 PM
Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Need crew for week of Nov. 13-19

hey folks,

We need folks to sign up for next week, starting tomorrow....Pls sign up if you can.  thanks!

I'm producer of the week starting sunday.  If you want to produce, shoot or edit on one of those days,  pls sign up here.
I personally will then add your info to the calendar here. (Daily producers**, I'll share the calendar with you.... so you can add your crew yourself to the nycga media calendar. As it's set up, I must do so for each individual person....pain in the ass to do for everyone...but in due time).

Pls list date, times avail (or list all day if that's your availability), position, etc...gear you have and any other pertinent info (i.e. if you're a camera person that does or does NOT need sound...important to know---see my example)

LASTLY, we are trying to move all crew calls to the crew call google group.  PLS SIGN UP here if you have not: (click join this group on upper right)
we may eventually stop calling for crew on the global revolution list....not sure.....

Thanks, LMK if you have any concerns or want to be added to the calendar and i'll do so.
Renée Renata Bergan