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Subject:   [september17discuss] National Occupation of Washington DC (NOW DC)

Passing this along from Bernadene. Looks great to me. 

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Hello OWS

I am with OWS [Occupy Wall Street] NYCGA-DAWG [New York City General Assembly Direct Action Working Group]. I am writing to you in solidarity with Occupy Washington DC Freedom Plaza, an invitation to a National Occupation of Washington DC – NOW DC!  Every Occupier we have discussed this with is excited about the prospect of potentially tens of thousands of people Occupying Washington, DC.  It is an exciting prospect of the next major step for the Occupy Movement.  Organizing for this exciting event will give us a focus for what promises to be a very difficult winter.  And, when we come out of winter it will be the American Spring – with a spring like the people of the United States have never seen before.  Join this truly historic moment when the people demand an end to corporate rule. Please join us for this event.  Sign up as an individual on our Facebook page. If you think it is appropriate ask your General Assembly to endorse it. Then, promote and help build this history making event! Expect more updates and information!

In Solidarity,

Bernadene Zennie, OWS-NYCGA-DAWG


National Occupation of Washington DC  (NOW DC)

Join together in Washington, DC for
an Occupied American Spring

“We the People” are calling Occupations from across the country to join together for an American Spring in Washington, DC.  The National Occupation of Washington DC (NOW DC) will begin on March 30 to demonstrate against the corruption and abject failure of both parties in conducting our domestic and foreign policies; the Supreme Court for allowing the Constitution to be perverted; and the dysfunction of corporate controlled government, as well as to demonstrate our commitment to create a new world where the people, not the 1%, rule.

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2011 mantras
"Well-behaved women seldom make history." —Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, [Harvard professor and Pulitzer Prize winning author of the book by the same name]
 "When we know all is light, we are enlightened" anonymous  [found on a "Yogi Tea" tea bag tag]
 A happy, healthy, love and prosperity-filled  2011, are my wishes to all!
Love, Bernadene