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Swanson's thing was planned before OWS, renamed after 9/17. The other, Occupy K St. is much closer to the OWS model.


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Anyone know why, or have a link to something explaining, why they're separate? 


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Just FYI and for future reference, there are two occupations in the District of Columbia. 
One is at Freedom Plaza on Pennsylvania Ave - that's occupywashingtondc 

and the other is at McPherson Park and that's occupydc. 

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The Occupations Report: 11/11

This report includes updates from Occupy sites and related efforts
across the country and the globe. It includes big wins, local
organizing efforts, protests/events, police activity reports and calls
to action where additional support from allies/general public may be

For more updates from occupations around the country, listen to the
Occupation America podcast at

Several Occupy sites holding rallies, marches and events in solidarity
with Veterans Day today.

Occupy Atlanta
Today, Friday November 11, 2011 Occupy Atlanta will host a Veteran’s
Day Brunch at 12pm in Troy Davis/Woodruff Park. United States veterans
will be sharing their stories and experiences about how their military
service has shaped their lives.  At 4 pm, there will be a march to
Bank of America where Occupy Atlanta will symbolically foreclose on
the bank and gathered veterans will foreclose on the war.

Occupy Columbia, SC
[Huffington Post report] Republican presidential candidate and Rep.
Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) called protesters who interrupted her
speech Thursday "ignorant" and "disrespectful," while at a Veterans
Day parade in Columbia, S.C. Friday. About 10 minutes into a foreign
policy speech on the USS Yorktown in Charleston, S.C. Thursday,
protesters from the Occupy Wall Street movement interrupted her, using
call and response. "You capitalize on dividing Americans, claiming
people that disagree with you are unpatriotic socialists," said the
protesters, according to Mount Pleasant Patch. After local police
escorted them out, Bachmann said, "Don't you just love the First

Occupy Cal (Berkeley)
[CBS San Francisco] Protesters in the burgeoning “Occupy Cal” movement
at the University of California at Berkeley continued to congregate
outside Sproul Hall Thursday after demonstrations on Wednesday drew
thousands and resulted in dozens of arrests. At 3:30 p.m. Thursday,
demonstrators remained on Sproul Plaza, waiting for the General
Assembly meeting at 6 p.m., though no tents were pitched on the lawn
outside of the administration building.

Occupy Charleston
[Mediaite] During a campaign stop in South Carolina, Michele Bachmann
became fully drowned out by a crowd of unruly Occupy Charleston
protesters who unleashed the human microphone on her.
“Mic check!” chanted the crowd of rowdy Occupiers. “This will only
take a minute! We have a message for Miss Bachmann….Blaming people
that disagree with you…Calling them unpatriotic socialists! This does
not help the American people!” According to NBC News, the protesters
lambasted Bachmann for saying she was a “grassroots candidate” while
accepting money from conservative super PAC group, Americans for
Prosperity. Watch video:

Occupy Dallas
Occupy Dallas Applies for Restraining Order Against City’s Eviction
[CBS Dallas] Occupy Dallas took their defense to the courtroom
Wednesday, seeking a temporary restraining order against the city’s
ultimatum that they clean up their campgrounds by Saturday at 5 p.m.
or face eviction.
On Tuesday, City Manager Mary Suhm and First Assistant City Attorney
Christopher Bowers sent a stern warning to the group, threatening to
sever Occupy Dallas’ settlement agreement with the city if it didn’t
correct a number of violations.
That settlement allows the protestors to set up an encampment in a
grassy area to the south of City Hall, and without it, police will
move in and remove tents and “other obstructions” that protestors set
up on city grounds.

Occupy DC
Wednesday afternoon, Occupy D.C. protesters held a mock hearing on how
to create a fair economy for most Americans — a contrast, protesters
said, to Capitol Hill hearings that they said work to enrich the
nation’s top 1 percent of earners. Protesters staged Wednesday’s event
on Pennsylvania Avenue’s Freedom Plaza to coincide with ongoing
meetings of the so-called congressional “supercommittee,” a bipartisan
panel of lawmakers charged with creating a plan by Nov. 23 to cut the
federal debt over the next decade. At Freedom Plaza, some speakers
talked about Social Security and health care, while others spoke about
the military budget and U.S. foreign policy.
Kevin Zeese, an organizer of Occupy D.C., said protesters weren’t
stuck on political labels. “We are going to be critical to Democrats
as well as Republicans,” he said. “We are hearing about the cuts, but
they are not going (to be) the main cuts on military or increase the
tax for the 1 percent.”

Occupy Denver
Denver PD Tells Occupy Denver to Remove Personal Items from Park
In the early morning hours of November 11, 2011, Denver Police
delivered a message to Occupy Denver:
It is illegal to place any encumbrance on the public right of way...
The failure to remove items so ordered is a criminal offense; the
maximum possible penalty for which is up to one year in the county
jail and/or up to $999 fine. PLEASE REMOVE ALL PERSONAL ITEMS FROM
THIS AREA. If personal items are not removed immediately, you may be
subject to an order of removal at which time all items will be subject
to removal by the Denver Police Department.

Occupy Eugene
[KEZI] They've already moved and made it their home, but on Wednesday
Occupy Eugene protesters got permission from the city to camp at the
Washington-Jefferson Park.  The Eugene City Council approved an
exception to a city ordinance against camping. For now, protesters
have until December 15 to camp in the park.  The council voted 4 to 2
on a code exemption that's dividing council members.

Occupy Harvard
There were about 20 tents in front of the John Harvard statue in
Harvard Yard Thursday afternoon, but there wasn’t much activity
because of the rain.
Reporters weren’t allowed in because they don’t have Harvard
identification, which is the only way guards will let people in now.
“The amount of security is definitely overkill,” one student told WBZ
The protesters say Harvard represents the one-percent that controls
the nation’s wealth.

Occupy Homes
A loose-knit coalition of activists known as "Occupy Homes" is working
to stave off pending evictions by occupying homes at risk of
foreclosure when tenants enlist its support. The movement has recently
enjoyed a number of successes. We speak with Monique White, a
Minneapolis resident who is facing foreclosure and recently requested
the help of Occupy Minneapolis. Now two dozen of its members are
occupying her home in order to stave off eviction.

Occupy Nashville
[Yahoo News] Tennessee Governor Bill Haslamwill ask prosecutors to
drop trespassing citations against anyone arrested last month in
Occupy Nashville economic protests, his office said on Thursday.
Police arrested 55 protesters over consecutive nights in October for
violating an overnight curfew on a plaza at the foot of the state
Capitol building and other public areas, but the arrests ran afoul of
judges. The curfew, which was supported by the Republican governor,
was initiated about three weeks into the group's occupation of the
plaza. Nashville Night Court Commissioner Tom Nelson told troopers
there were no grounds for the arrests, and after misdemeanor criminal
trespassing citations were issued, U.S. District Judge Aleta Trauger
ordered a temporary halt to the arrests.

Occupy Oakland
After a fatal shooting near the Occupy Oakland encampment on Thursday
night, Mayor Jean Quan called for an end to the protest. Hours after
the shooting, the mayor said at a news conference: “I’m calling on the
campers to please leave voluntarily tonight.” But Shake Anderson says
the incident has nothing to do with Occupy Oakland,  Shake, an Occupy
Oakland organizer who has slept at the camp since it was erected
exactly a month ago told reporters, "The person on the ground was not
part of the occupation. I can verify that.” "This is a street
incident. It happens all the time." Thursday's shooting in the center
of the debated camp comes a day after a group of Oakland city and
business leaders held a news conference demanding the removal of the
encampment, saying that it has hurt downtown businesses and has
continued to pose safety concerns. Many protesters fear police will
eventually move forward with another early morning raid to remove
In other news from Occupy Oakland, veterans  will lead a march against
police brutality Friday at 4pm. The march will start with a press
conference and rally with an update and statement from wounded veteran
Scott Olsen at Oscar Grant Plaza starting at 4pm.

Occupy Portland
Now that they face a deadline to leave two downtown parks by 12:01
a.m. Sunday, the members of Occupy Portland must decide what's next
for the movement. So far, protesters appear divided between relocating
peacefully to other city parks or manning the barricades.  Gathering
Thursday in front of City Hall, demonstrators passed around a bullhorn
asking for solutions to the group's dilemma -- triggered by an
ultimatum from Mayor Sam Adams to clear the two small squares of the
tents, tarps and hundreds of people ensconced there since Oct. 6.

Occupy San Diego
The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department has acknowledged that
“Occupy San Diego” protesters who were arrested in late October had no
choice but to relieve themselves while detained in buses and vans.
Police in riot gear arrested protesters at downtown encampments in
Civic Center Plaza and Children’s Park on October 28. The 36 men were
placed in a Sheriff’s bus and the 14 women were put in Sheriff’s vans.
Because there were no restroom facilities available for the arrested
protesters, some of them had to urinate and defecate while detained in
the vehicles.

Occupy San Francisco
Veterans against social inequality join Occupy SF
[SF Examiner] Richard Preston helped with the cleanup missions after
the Vietnam War. He also was stationed in Germany and Pakistan, and
served in the Gulf War. But for the past four weeks, the 53-year-old
Army veteran has been at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco to stand
with the national Occupy movement.
“I’m here because I have to be,” Preston said. “Both federal and state
are messed up. They won’t even help their vets out. It’s not proper.”

Occupy Saint Louis
 (KMOX) – There’s another twist to the Kiener Plaza occupation; at two
o’clock this afternoon a former St. Louis County Police officer plans
to deliver a speech about police brutality. The notification came in
last night.  The information is sketchy;  the officer who will be
making the statement is not mentioned but it involves a group calling
themselves “Occupy Police Team & Officers of the 99.” The speech,
according to the release will involve what the group calls  history
with St Louis Police and brutal tactics used against protesters by
some departments. It will also include the officers own firsthand
experience with police brutality. The goal according to the group is
to call out Mayor Slay and put an end to what they call the planned
raid 3 p.m. this afternoon.

Occupy Seattle
[Seattle P.I. report] The city’s price tag to monitor the entrenched
Occupy Seattle protest ballooned to $529,609 this week, which includes
last week’s pepper-spraying and arrests of protesters in Capitol Hill.
Much of that cost was for police overtime, but includes money for
parks and facilities work related to the populist movement. Seattle
Mayor Mike McGinn said managing Occupy Seattle has taken a “big chunk”
of a police fund reserved for monitoring events. “It’s taken a big
chunk of their reserve in this area, and if they go past it, they’ll
have to figure out how to readjust their budget to deal with it,” the
mayor said Thursday. Last week, Occupy Seattleites protested at a
Chase bank in Capitol Hill and outside a downtown appearance by
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon. Before the demonstrations, which
included arrests and police pepper spray, the city’s cost was
Afterward, it rose by $43,558 to hit the half-million mark. The money
dates back to Oct. 1, when protesters set up at Westlake Park. They’re
now encamped at Seattle Central Community College in Capitol Hill.

Occupy UC-Irvine
[OC Register] Chanting "Agitate! Occupy! Take back UCI!" in unison,
about 400 students, faculty and other workers staged a noisy,
expletive-laced rally Wednesday at UC Irvine to rail against steep
tuition increases and what they see as a failure of the University of
California to maintain an affordable public education system. The hour-
long rally, inspired by the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, took place
in an expansive outdoor quad opposite the campus' Aldrich Hall
administration building. It was sponsored by a labor union-backed
group called ReFund California. Matthew Ikpa, a third-year sociology
major at UCI, left, and Eunice Pak, a third-year biology major, hold
signs that demand the UC board of Regents stops raising tuition fees
until the country's fiscal crisis has resolved and the U.S. job market
stabilizes while speakers address a crowd in front of UCI's Aldrich
Hall administration building Wednesday. "We could have millions of
students in the streets fighting for education," UC Irvine economics
major Cameron Joe, 21, told the demonstrators. "Our future is in
jeopardy. ... Stay true to the notion of equal access for all."

Occupy Wall Street
[CNN report] Occupy Wall Street organizers are planning a Veterans Day
rally and concert featuring folksinger Joan Baez in New York City on
Friday, as the movement marks its 56th day. The Foley Square event,
dubbed "Honor the Dead, Fight Like Hell for the Living," marks the
first time the Occupy Wall Street movement will hold a permitted event
in New York, organizers say.
[Yesterday] Fitz and the Tantrums joined OWS Thursday before their
sold out concert in NYC. Check out the video here:

Occupy Montreal
[Occupy Colleges report] Tens of thousands packed Montreal’s streets
Thursday to protest a tuition increase proposed by the government of
Premier Jean Charest — an increase that march organizers said is
tantamount to a declaration of war on students. Though exact numbers
weren’t available, some estimates put the crowd at around 200,000.

Following protests by thousands of Occupiers, allied groups and
concerned citizens, Keystone Pipeline has been delayed by President
Obama until 2013. Read More:


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there will be a two-day training session for trainers with a focus on
trainer's pedagogy, collective liberation/anti-oppression, community
building/movement building and nonviolent direct action.  On Sunday
new trainers will fan out to do trainings around the city to train
hundreds in one day!  For more information or to sign-up, contact Lisa
Fithian at

The Daily Occupation Report is compiled by Rebuild the Dream using
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sources of occupation-related updates. You are welcome to share this
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