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Candidates who would like to be nominated are being asked to send a proposal with links to any work they would like to be considered by midnight (tonight.)

After midnight, member of the Media working group are being asked to review the proposals and vote on their 2 top candidates. Voting closes at 3PM tomorrow, Sunday, November 13th. 

How to vote?  Candidates are submitting for review on a google doc spread sheet. If you would like to vote for that person, put your name & email in the cells next to their submission.

The spreadsheet was saved to the global rev shared docs.  "Egypt Trip Volunteer Spreadsheet"  

I've shared Egypt Trip Volunteer Spreadsheet

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Thank you for posting these notes so quickly! 

I have a question to ask the group: What is the process of selecting Media candidates for the Egypt Delegation, and how can I be a part of that (as a non-candidate?)

Thanks, Todd

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