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Sent time:   Saturday, November 12, 2011 2:17:36 PM
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Subject:   [september17discuss] Re: Staten Island Rally in Support of OWS gets plugged in SI Advance

OK, well, just updating my prior message to say that at the solidarity

rally in front of SI Borough Hall, I received a flyer telling me that

there will actually be an Occupy Staten Island, with first meeting

happening tomorrow, Nov. 13, at 1 pm in the Staten Island Mall Food

Court. Planning to see you Staten Islanders in the mall tomorrow

(hoping that I can find the spot OK, because in all my accumulated six

or seven years of living on the North Shore of Staten Island, I never

before had any incentive to go down to the Staten Island Mall).


On Nov 12, 2:08 am, "Richard S." <> wrote:

> A comrade also sent me a copy of the e-mail being sent out by Peace

> Action, in which they have this listing:


> >5:45:               Community forum and dinner featuring leaders of Occupy Wall Street; sponsored by Peace Action at the Staten Island Museum (75 Stuyvesant Place at Wall St.)<


> Does Peace Action even know that the only other people who mentioned

> the "leaders of Occupy Wall Street" did so in order to criticize the

> group for allegedly having something that it isn't supposed to

> have?  :-)


> And re. the part in the SI Live article about the group in St.

> George...what's that about a $15 charge for the screening?!  (Wouldn't

> it be more in the, well, spirit if it were no one turned away,

> contribute what you can?)


> The rally, meanwhile, is organized by the usual handful of SI unions

> and liberal groups, held outside a representative's office (as usual),

> aiming to make some specific mainstream liberal demands (if you read

> the list, you know what I mean)...  It's nice that it's being

> organized in solidarity and is heading to Liberty Plaza, and I might

> go, but it does not exactly look like Occupy Staten Island...


> John and other Staten Island OWS people, I would love it if we could

> get together something on Staten Island that would be a bit more,

> well, interesting...  Though I do still appreciate that even this

> stuff is happening here on Staten Island, of course.


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> > Staten Island Rally in Support of OWS gets plugged in SI Advance.  Also a description of a weekly forum that donates to OWS.

> >