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this is why I suggested we chain it down.  that at least gets us time to get in position.

if we deploy properly per the administrative code which says ground enclosures need to be clear of combustible material for a distance of 10', we have a better chance of.challenging them on scene.  We violated the code on this one. 

it's such a game with these guys.   I love the decoy plan.   

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Here's (unlisted) youtube vids of testimony from folks last night:

Bystander 1 -

Bystander 2 -

Community Affairs Officers - 

Officer Brown -

Officers at W End of Park -

The main (and only, I believe) public video of last night's seizure is here:

CC'd are some people on the ground last night. Can we get names/numbers on any of the people who saw this? Legal is asking for it as they piece together a plan to take on FDNY on this.


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> Thanks I think it is OK but needs to ...