From:   rob hollander <>
Sent time:   Saturday, November 12, 2011 7:12:53 PM
Subject:   [september17discuss] Business owners strike back Monday

Have you all seen this?

Notice that the protest is promoted by an unemployed teacher, not a business owner, who was "particularly upset" over the reprimanding of Tony Bologna's pepper spraying. In other words, she was against OWS long, long before it became an issue for local businesses.

Notice also, this is Fox News. OWS should do something for the local businesses, but this protest is politics, not about local businesses, although she is taking advantage of local businesses for her own personal venom and political bias. They will be there hoping to pick a fight.

OWS should not give them that chance. I'd suggest not engaging -- they are probably not interested in dialogue or cooperation -- but address the media quietly, respectfully, rationally and expressing a desire to repair and cure, in the interests of better relations with the small businesses. I wouldn't be surprised if Fox planted provocateurs to pick a fight in front of the cameras. --You hear Breitbart, Fox, NYPD?--

Also note that the featured business owner says he's going to "bring" all his employees. Not ask them, bring them. A miniscule model of corporate control ;-). The teacher has been unemployed over two years, so presumably not from the DoE. To teach at the DoE, you need a college degree, and for tenure, a masters, so at least she doesn't hold a load of student debt, I guess. Sorry, that was cruel. After all, there must be some occupiers in the same position, I presume...

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