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Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] Zuccotti park owner Brookfield gets hundreds of millions in "clean ene rgy" tax breaks

I'm glad the alternative energy projects are being built and that these subsidies are not going to carbon projects for a change.  I think the government probably could have done these projects cheaper with union labor,  but this article shows that the stimulus did what they wanted it to do.  If these companies get these things built and find out that they are profitable, then they will be tempted to do more projects without subsidies.
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... as do GE, Goldman, Morgan, Google and others:
Note the repeated quotes about how they're getting huge loans and write-offs for no-risk investments.
Nationalize the energy industry! Public works jobs for real clean energy, not subsidization of profiteers!
And I should add as a p.s., anyone who thinks we can solve these problems by avoiding taking on these corporations and their state, by creating our own economy and society outside and alongside it, is guilty of criminal naivete.