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Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Fwd: Occupy "Fellow Students" Opera!

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From: Ben Laude <>
Date: Sun, Nov 13, 2011 at 10:59 AM
Subject: Occupy "Fellow Students" Opera!
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Fellow Occupiers,

I hope you remember me from Friday night's A&C meeting!

Thank you for expressing interest in the 'Occupy Opera' action Wednesday night at Juilliard. Preparations for the action are going very well, and almost all of the technical/logistical obstacles have been resolved. So long as we have the personnel, this action will take place (and it will cause quite a stir).

UPDATE: I have in my possession 32 FREE TICKETS to the opera which will position occupiers at various places around the auditorium! This means I need 32 individuals willing to attend the opera, and participate in the disruption at the end. Of these 32 ticket-holding occupiers, 4 will rush the stage with a banner that reads ("The Student Movement Lives! Occupy!"), 2 will drop hundreds of leaflets from the balcony which advertise the student strike, and another will call a mic check to the audience. After a brief statement of purpose is recited between a handful of occupiers, all will start an exit-chant ("Off the Stage! / Into the Streets!") and lead the audience/student-performers outside to meet the demonstrators on the street.

About two-dozen of the ticket-holders will simply be needed to offer their voices in response to the mic-checks and the stage-stormers. 32 people is enough to overwhelm this auditorium with sound, but we have to project our voices strongly to overcome any possible boos and jeers.

RISK LEVEL LOW: It has been confirmed that stage-stormers will be able to approach the stage from the audience, which significantly lessens the risk of arrest and increases the likelihood of successful execution. The risk of repercussion for ticket-holding participants is close to zero.

Please write me back letting me know if you are able to attend, and your preferred level of involvement:

(1) Outside demonstrator (arrive at 9:45pm sharp outside of Juilliard)
(2) Ticket-holder (meet before 8pm in Lincoln Center to receive tickets)
(3) Stage-stormer (meet before 8pm in Lincoln Center to receive tickets)

If you're interested in ticket-holding levels (1) or (2), please also send me your phone number.

Please call/text if you want to get in touch with me more directly. My cell: 512-913-6376.

The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press, and some opera-related publications will be on hand. Let's give them something to write about other than a boring, ideological opera!

Looking forward to hearing from all of you! More details to come!

In solidarity,

Ben Laude
The Juilliard School
D.M.A. Candidate, Piano, '15
60 Lincoln Center Plaza, Box 253