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Subject:   Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] #EGYPT nominations **IMPORTANT

I hear your frustrations. I understand where you are coming from. 

We want to make this, among all our process open and democratic.  This is why media addressed this in person and online. This is an amazing opportunity and naturally many are interested in being involved. 

With the time constraints we had to move forward quickly out of necessity. Allowing for our best practices to be employed to include all of media. 

This was addressed at Thursdays meeting. The group decided that people should put together their proposals (why they should be chosen) and submit online or at the next meeting, Saturday morning. All were encouraged to attend all meetings as this was to be decided in a short time frame. 

Prior to the Saturday meeting we learned that the deadline was tonight at 9PM, though we had suspected it would be a quick turn around. This was expressed at the meeting and all present were warned to be proactive. 

At the meeting on Saturday, we heard proposals from those present and by consensus agreed to open up the nomination process to include the email group and others not present to submit. 

I'm sorry you were not at that meeting and just got access to a computer. I am merely facilitating the voting process and don't have any authority to change what was agreed soon by consensus. 

I recommend talking with those organizing the trip and see if you may be involved through other channels.

I hope this answers your question somewhat. I wish I could be more help.

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this is not fair. ive been occupying for weeks.. maybe a week short of when the occupation started. l went to the meeting Thursday. i've had two phones stolen in this park and when i do have a phone or some kind of access theres no power to plug in as we've all been experiencing. ive been dedicating myself fully to this occupation .. just like everybody else. im living in the park. flat broke. just like everybody else. i haven't asked for anything. i want to go to Egypt. i couldn't get access to a phone or a computer between Thursday through Saturday. i would like an opportunity to go. i was told about the meeting for egypt wednesday at spokes council by someone who said i should be one to go. i really want to go. how could we make this happen?


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