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Subject:   [september17discuss] Occupy Columbia U Rally in Solidarity with Sotheby's Workers!

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Monday, November 14 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Michael Sovern! End the Lockout!
Rally in Solidarity with Sotheby's Art Handlers

called by Occupy Columbia University!

@ Columbia Law School, home of Michael Sovern, Chairman of Sotheby's,

116th Street between Amsterdam and Morningside

Sotheby's has kept its Teamsters 814 art handlers locked out of their jobs for the past 13 weeks. The art handlers would not accept Sotheby's demands that they take a 10% cut in pay and hours, give up their 401(k) plan, and allow their work to be increasingly contracted out to low-paid workers who have no union to protect their rights. Sotheby's grossed over $690 million in 2010 and had a net profit of $161 million. Its CEO, Bill Ruprecht, earned $5.97 million in compensation.

The art handlers' jobs at Sotheby's are historically jobs that people of color worked and fought hard to unionize! They made this job into a living-wage job, something you could raise a family on, but now management is pursuing a racist and classist attack on our sisters and brothers! It is time we say enough is enough! Sotheby's is highly profitable and has No Reason to demand any cuts!

Why rally in front of the law school at Columbia? Because Columbia's 1% is Sotheby's 1%!
The Chairman of the Board of Sotheby's is the Chancellor Kent
Professor of Law at and ex-pres of Columbia University,
Michael Sovern.

We will rally outside the Law School where Michael Sovern works and we
will demand that he End the Lockout! Make your voices heard!