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Perfect! Thanks all.

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Date: November 13, 2011 7:09:57 PM EST
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Subject: Egypt

Dear comrades

This Egypt delegation has fast become a very controversial issue, and it's clear to anyone who is a little informed as to the plurality of voices on the ground in Egypt, that a clarifying statement of the delegation's position on the upcoming parliamentary elections and possibly other matters besides, will need to be added as a friendly amendment to the pre-existing proposal.

The movement-building working group will hold an info session on Wednesday which all are encouraged to please attend. Hopefully this will clarify some important details it seems are still unknown to many people in this working group and others.

Movement-building will be taking the responsibility of crafting the amendment and will be taking ideas from anyone that wants to contribute.

On Friday, the friendly amendment will be presented to the Spokes Council.

In Solidarity


Joshua van Praag

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