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Just catch up on being at table, and how to let ppl know ur filming and ppl can be framed out if they don't want to be on video...
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Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] media principles

I have an appt in the afternoon. could meet in the morning. what do we need to write?

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Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] LULU media table/media tent
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Do u want to meet tomorrow afternoon and write some media principles?

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Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] media table/media tent

I think it's important that we start having a presence at the media table. Per this goal, I met with one of the volunteers John on Saturday and he is going to start recruiting volunteers to be trained to work the media table for us, starting with 10 NYU students who came down looking for how to help. He suggested we use the block right next to the info table for the media desk, so that they can be in close contact with us.

There is a lot to be said for having a media tent in the general info area, as it makes it easier for people to find us, sign up to shoot events, and work with us in general.

I hope this is not forward of me to take this action. There was an agenda item to discuss it on Sat's meeting but because of the spokes council discussion + egypt this did not get addressed. I met with David and Joe Diamond and they agreed this approach could be helpful. I'm hoping it can be discussed at Tuesday's meeting. In the meantime, I've sent John a set of instructions for volunteers and uploaded them to google docs for everyone to look at and contribute to.

I'm still not 100% on how google docs works, so I'm pasting the instructions below, in case it is easier for anyone to find them this way.

Hi! Thanks so much for helping us out with the Media Work Group. When you work the table, it gets chaotic, so just try to stay cool and be friendly at all times. If you don't know something, just say you don't know and ask one of the more experienced volunteers or see if someone from one of the live stream groups or media is available to ask.
If someone is interested in working with media please let them know the following:
1) These are the different media groups: 2 live stream groups (one official, one affiliated) media production, plus photography and documentary sub-groups.
Media meetings are Tues & Thurs at 6pm and Sat at 10am at 60 Wall Street.
Documentary sub-group is Tues 8pm at 60 Wall Street. Except this coming Tuesday 11/15/11 we are meeting at 6:30 pm at 60 Wall Street and taking a field trip to Brooklyn to see what's going on with the 99 film collective.
This is the media workgroup website:
2) Get them on the global revolution list serve if they want to be on it. This is one of the main ways that the media group communicates.
Alert them that it is a lot of email.
3) Take the name and contact info of anyone who would like to shoot/edit/produce/direct & let them know we will have a calendar to sign up for events going live soon.They are also welcome to just start shooting/ making pieces and then email us at
Here is the crew call sign-up sheet for the coming week:
4) Take the name and contact info of anyone who would like to work the media table.
Please give those contact sheets to John or one of the other volunteers, or bring them to a media meeting.
Thank you so much for helping us!!!
The Media Working Group.