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Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] Immigrant Workers Justice - Nov. 16th Domino's Boycott

I'm not sure about this… residents of New York City going without Domino's Pizza? We'll try to go on with our lives, but it might be difficult. It's not like there's any better alternatives. </sarcasm>

In all seriousness, though, the founder also has some other fun projects (and yes, I'm pretty sure he still has connections to the company):

Also, from Wikipedia:

Faculty members [of the law school Monaghan started] have included conservative legal scholar and Supreme Court nominee Judge Robert Bork. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia assisted in developing the school's curriculum, and the school's first annual Ave Maria Lecture was presented by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in 1999. The school's stated goal is to educate competent "moral" attorneys who will influence all aspects of the legal profession and advance natural law theory. The Ave Maria Law School graduated its last Michigan class in Spring of 2009 and relocated to Naples, Florida permanently immediately thereafter.


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City-Wide Boycott of Domino’s Pizza Kickoff Rally

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Date(s) - 16 Nov 2011 
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Verdi Square

Domino’s Pizza Corporate Sales: $1.57 billion/year
Patrick Doyle, President: $5.7 million/year
Dave Melton, NYC Franchisee, $2 million/year in sales(Melton, Hire the American Dream)

Domino’s workers:
-Work up to 78 hours a week and are only paid 1/2 of these hours at $4.40/hr
-Risk lives in hazardous weather and road conditions
-Are treated insultingly by their boss, and are given no rest or meal breaks
-Domino’s deducts from workers’ pay checks for uniforms and company products.

Come show Domino’s Bosses the 99% of NYC stand with Domino’s workers!