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The park was defended all night... a huge victory, but they waited us out and cleared the came at around 9:30am. People are exhausted but hopefully some will be able to attend the GA today. Walkout at Portland State University planned for Wednesday and big day of action on Thursday... so no way this is over. Also comrades are pictured on CBS News: And some incredible photos of the standoff between protestors and police towards the middle/bottom here:


Police end Occupy Portland; camps at Lownsdale and Chapman squares dismantled (live updates)
Published: Sunday, November 13, 2011, 11:07 AM Updated: Sunday, November 13, 2011, 11:14 AM
By The Oregonian

EnlargeFaith Cathcart, The Oregonian
Portland police move into the Occupy Portland squares and tear down tarps, remove tents and search bags of people moving through the area. Faith Cathcart/The Oregonian
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Police have taken control of both Chapman and Lownsdale squares, taking advantage of a much-thinned out crowd of protesters.

They encountered almost no resistance as they took down tents in both parks. No tents appear to remain in Lownsdale, and Chapman is also almost cleared.

People remain at the parks but are standing by in stunned silence.

Updates from The Oregonian:

11:10 a.m.:A small band of protesters, far outnumbered by police in riot gear, has gathered on Southwest Main Street between Second and Third Avenues.

Police brought in a white wagon with speakers on top and ordered the protesters through the speakers to clear the sidewalk to let pedestrians pass.

Then police, slowly walking in pairs, began advancing toward the group as the protesters retreated toward Third.

11 a.m.: Portland Commissioner Nick Fish said he expects Parks Bureau staff to erect fences around the squares sometime today, officially closing them to the public.

Officials have said they expect to the squares to be closed for a week or so, and Fish has said he doesn't think damage will exceed $100,000.

Commissioner Randy Leonard took the opportunity to praise Police Chief Mike Reese, who is strongly considering a run for mayor in 2012.

“Mike Reese has exhibited a very strategic psychology” about the best opportunity to enforce the park closure, Leonard said. “I think his approach has been nothing less than brilliant.”

11:05 a.m.: Amy Ruiz, a spokeswoman for Mayor Sam Adams, said the city isn't yet ready to declare the occupation over.

"We're not quite finished yet," she said. In repeating Adams' previous comments, she said, "This isn't about keeping score. It's about keeping peace."

11 a.m.: Police have the upper hand in numbers, a reversal from Sunday morning. Many officers in riot gear are blocking the approach to the justice center's rear entrance on Southwest Second Avenue. Officers are jamming the sidewalk, making it impassible.

Protesters seem eager for access to the justice center, where the arrested man was taken.

More officers are gathered at Southwest Third Avenue and Main Street, while a group of vocal protesters remain at Fourth Avenue and Main Street.

10:51 a.m.: Tensions flare. Occupiers and a reporter from KATU get in a shouting match reportedly after a reporter asked about drug use in the camps.

10:50 a.m.: Police arrested Kevin Workman after they say he jumped over a chain at the end of Chapman Square into an area filled with tent debris. Police had told protesters not to enter the area. Workman jumped over and back and was arrested.

View full sizeKimberly A.C. Wilson/The Oregonian
Portland police escort a handcuffed man from the area of Occupy Portland after an arrest Sunday morning.
10:47: The Occupy Portland protest has sparked back to life at Chapman Square, with people mostly just chanting. One man has been arrested, however.

10:45 a.m.: Lownsdale Square is completely cleared, and crews have moved in to clean up.

But about 50 holdouts in two groups remain in Chapman Square, a few wearing gas masks on top of their heads. One group is clustered in the park's northwest corner, another in the kitchen area.

A man appeared to be trying to provoke police to arrest him.

Police, however, were maintaining a non-confrontational stance. "You could not make this up," one said as he watched.

10:15 a.m.: On the west part of Chapman Square, 25-year-old Justin Craig untied knots from tarp lines and pulled down tents. Craig hadn’t stayed at Occupy Portland but came by this morning to volunteer.

Police gave him a pair of black gloves and he got to work, and only one formation of tents remained in Craig’s area.

“For once in my life, I want to do something good and not bad,” said Craig, who acknowledged previous run-ins with the law. “It feels good to actually be helping for once.”

On the other side of Chapman, in the eastern quadrant, a woman in white pants raked leaves in the open field. And on the north side, only two structures remained. Under a canopy there, 23-year-old Kaleb Lilienthal – who has been at Occupy Portland since the outset — vowed to stay with friends unless police “physically make us” leave. When asked why they would stay when so many had gone, he said: “That’s their fault. They obviously didn’t believe strong enough.”

Across Main Street, in Lownsdale Square, nearly every tent had been removed. One Parks Bureau employee, standing near police and cleanup crews, was heard saying, “This is amazing what it looks like compared to yesterday.”

But a few feet away, 32-year-old Charles Stubbs stood in disbelief. Stubbs had set up camp near the library tent in Lownsdale but left Saturday night to avoid confrontation at the urging of his girlfriend.

“It just hurts,” he said. “I feel like I’m not done.”

10:10 a.m.: About 20 Portland Parks Bureau workers descended on Chapman Square to help clear tents, tarps, garbage and other debris.

There is "a fair amount of damage," said Mike Abbate, parks director. He said crews will shut down the park to let them better assess the damage. Many in the community have already offered to help repair the parks, he said.

One camper had earlier called to the others to "occupy bravo camp," the name of the encampment at Chapman Square, but few heeded. Many seemed resigned to leaving.

Some said they would wait to see what the general assembly decides at a noon meeting.

The surge of public support on Saturday night and early Sunday was heartening, said Chadd Franck. "We'd been totally depressed," he said, as campers moved out Friday and Saturday. "There was so much happening last night. ... I think the public is kind of getting the point."

10:05 a.m.: Madison Dines, 25, said he was surprised to see police officers dismantling the camp. The movement dwindled this morning and no longer had enough people to resist.

"We don't have enough physical bodies to stop the police from what they are doing," he said. "We all declared victory and went home, but the reality is we needed to be here."

10 a.m.: Juliane Dunn and her husband, Christopher, were told by a police officer shortly before 9:30 a.m. to immediately claim anything from their tent that they wanted. The couple had been at the camp in a tent near Southwest Third Avenue and Salmon Street since Oct. 6, when the occupation began.

10 a.m.: A police officer found a small tent near Southwest Salmon Street and Fourth Avenue with someone inside who said his name was Bruce. The officer shook the tent, telling Bruce the camp was closed and that he was among the last to leave.

The officer told him anything he wanted to keep, he'd have to claim; anything left would be cleared.

The officer then walked back to a group of officers and cleanup crews and said, "He's going to need some time."

-- The Oregonian

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