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Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] #OccupyIthaca #TheThrowaways #OWS - New video worked on check it out.

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#OccupyIthaca #TheThrowaways #OWS

#OccupyIthaca #TheThrowaways #OWS

About this video:
"THE THROWAWAYS tells the story of a formerly homeless filmmaker, activist and co-director Ira McKinley, who articulates his experience of living on the streets through the lens of a video camera.

This project is more than just a film, it is an expression of the anger, frustration, depression, joys and hopes of people who have been historically stereotyped, silenced and marginalized by the mainstream media. Tracing his past from growing up in Ithaca, NY, where at the age of 14 his father was shot by police, THE THROWAWAYS places these personal narratives against the backdrop of a grassroots movement that is rising up, using the power of the people to challenge the slashing of publicly funded programs and services in inner city communities. Not a simple illumination of individuals at their weakest, THE THROWAWAYS seeks to inspire and empower by telling these collective stories of struggle while demonstrating that so long as hope exists the power to change is present."

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