From:   ddotto <>
Sent time:   Monday, November 14, 2011 3:39:44 PM
To:; owsphoto <>
Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Media Call for N17 Day of Action!

Hey everybody,

Early Thursday morning, a courageous and dramatic event will take place, setting the tone for a glorious day of action marking the 2-month anniversary of Occupy Wall St. This is going to be an awesome opportunity to document our beloved OWS compatriots showing courage, strength and unity in the face of adversity!

We need several photographers, livestreamers and filmmakers, and maybe some runner support. There will be assigned (voluntary) positions for cameras, and communications linking us to a common network. Planning and training is ongoing daily, with affinity groups organized around a spokes council model, and Media is one among them. This is a step up from previous Occupy actions, which may prove a useful tool in future actions. Let's see!

This is going to be a well-coordinated action with diverse tactics and a determined goal; however, the event will be a high risk of arrest for some of the demonstrators. As such, everyone should be aware that we who cover these actions for OWS Media will also be at risk, no matter how visibly we identify ourselves as 'Official Media.' Please be comfortable with this.

For more information, please come to the Media meeting tomorrow at 6pm in the Atrium at 60 Wall St. I will be presenting the N17 project in greater detail at that time.

With joy, and fury!


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