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Assessment: coverage is, and has been for some time now, overwhelmingly tactical.  Not a whole lot out there about the issues or focus of this movement.


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The Occupations Report: 11/14

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organizing efforts, protests/events, police activity reports and calls
to action where additional support from allies/general public may be

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Over the weekend a number unconstitutional and costly raids on
peaceful assemblies of people petitioning the government for redress
of their grievances happened across the country. Camps in Oakland,
Portland, Denver, Albany and Chapel Hill were raided by police this

Occupy Albany
[Times Union] State Police took 13 Occupy Albany protesters into
custody late Sunday night [11/13] when they refused to leave state-
owned Lafayette Park for the relative safety of their encampment in
adjacent Academy Park.
“You swore to uphold the Constitution,” said Bradley Russell, 39, of
Albany, before he was arrested. “If you get an illegal order it is
your duty to disobey it.” Russell has led the move into Lafayette
Park, starting Saturday night. He was taken into custody earlier that
day, but 24 other demonstrators were arrested — peacefully — then. Not
much differed between Saturday and Sunday. Demonstrators amassed
earlier in the evening, with about three dozen people chanting support
from the safe harbor of a nearby sidewalk. Over 20 troopers appeared
in the park, pulling black vans along its foot paths and preparing to
control the crowd. Lt. Anthony Oliver three times warned protesters
they were in violation of “New York State penal code” and would be
subject to arrest if they did not leave the park’s premises. At 11:15,
troopers moved in and began making arrests. Oliver said the 13
individuals would be charged with trespass. They are being processed
in the Empire State Plaza. According to facilitators at Occupy Albany,
four of the arrested were also detained on Saturday night. It seems
the arrests will not bear fruit: Albany County District Attorney P.
David Soares said Sunday he will not prosecute the alleged violations.

Occupy Boston
At the General Assembly of Occupy Boston, Saturday, November 12, 2011,
Occupy Boston passed a proposal to secure space at Encuentro Cinco for
the Occupy Boston Media team and other working groups. “We have agreed
to rent the space for the next four months, at a cost of $400 per
month.  Encuentro Cinco is one of Boston’s prominent activist centers,
and they have been lending us workstations in their collective shared
workspace at no cost in the last few weeks.”

Occupy Chapel Hill
[Member reports, 11/14] This afternoon, Chapel Hill police officers
geared-up with ASSAULT RIFLES raided the Occupy Chapel Hill camp. So
far at least 8 arrests have been made. Here is a photo of officers
pointing assault rifles at civilians:

Occupy Cleveland
[Press Release] November 14, 2011- On Tuesday, November 15th,
Elizabeth Sommerer and her two children, ages 5 and 7, are being
evicted from their home at W. 94th and Denison. Late Sunday night,
members of #OccupyCleveland started setting up tents and occupying her
property, with the intent of stopping the eviction. #OccupyCleveland
seeks to shine a light on the tragedy and heartbreak of the
foreclosure crisis. Members of #OccupyCleveland will be reaching out
to Beth’s neighbors on Monday to introduce themselves, explain why
they are there and ask for their support. At 7pm, #OccupyCleveland and
the community will hold a vigil at Beth’s home. They will remain on
her property overnight. Tuesday morning, friends and allies of
#OccupyCleveland will gather at Beth’s home for a rally, in a last
ditch effort to head off the eviction. Members of #OccupyCleveland
will be in contact with Fannie Mae and Terra Realty to attempt to
negotiate a rental agreement on Beth’s behalf. The Sheriff’s
department and a moving truck will be arriving at 11:30 am, to remove
Beth and her children from their home. #OccupyCleveland is asking that
Fannie Mae allow Beth to rent her home and will not leave until her
family has secured the right to stay there.

Occupy Dallas
[CBS-DFW, 11/14] Protesters from the ‘Occupy Dallas’ camp are taking
their case to court on Monday. After city officials threatened to
force them out of downtown Dallas last week, protesters filed a
temporary restraining order. This allowed the group to stay at the
campsite. The protest group is now fighting in court in order to
continue living at their camp – where they have been for about five
weeks. Their first campsite was located in Pioneer Park and they have
since moved to Dallas City Hall.

Occupy Denver
[Member report, 11/13] Occupy Denver responded to ongoing police
brutality yesterday: “It is clear that the occupation movement has the
government terrified of the emerging “people power” in America and is
willing to suppress this movement by any means. In the past 24 hours,
major Occupations across America were attacked and forcibly evicted…
Last night, once again, public safety and health reasons were evoked
by legal officials as a mob of riot police marched into Civic Center
Park. In the past weeks Occupy Denver members were legally sleeping on
the sidewalk without tents. A warning notice was given to the
protesters late Friday night by police officials stating that
“encumbrances” must be removed from public sidewalks, though no
official notice of enforcement, or a time, was given. Again the
government decided to change the rules and enforce its most
belligerent action to date, to remove everyone from the sidewalk that
in prior notices from the state were approved. When asked if ample
time would be given to remove personal property, the officers
responded in the affirmative. Moments later, the police moved in. Read
the entire statement:

Occupy Harvard
[Member report] November 12th students moved into the campus’s
cherished Harvard Yard. By midnight, 500+ battled through police and
security to set up an encampment, and now the eyes of the nation are
having a double-take. There are serious rumblings in the aristocratic
heartland. . . . The university's top professors and deans, from
Mankiw to Dr. Martin Feldstein to Dr. Lawrence Summers, were
architects of the 2008 collapse and key authorities in the
intellectual campaign for systemic deregulation. . .

Occupy Honolulu
[Raw Story, 11/14] Hawaiian singer surprises Obama summit with
‘Occupy’ song. A popular Hawaiian recording artist turned a top-
security dinner of Pacific Rim leaders hosted by President Barack
Obama into a subtle protest with a song in support of the “Occupy”
movement. Makana, who goes by one name, was enlisted to play a luau,
or Hawaiian feast, Saturday night for leaders assembled in Obama’s
birthplace Honolulu for an annual summit that is formulating plans for
a Pacific free-trade pact. But in the midst of the dinner on the
resort strip Waikiki Beach, he pulled open his jacket to reveal a T-
shirt that read “Occupy with Aloha,” using the Hawaiian word whose
various meanings include love and peace. He then sang a marathon
version of his new song “We Are The Many.” Watch the video here:

Occupy Oakland
[San Francisco Gate, 11/14] Mayor Jean Quan's chief legal adviser
resigned early this morning after what he called a "tragically
unnecessary" police raid of the Occupy Oakland camp. Dan Siegel, a
civil rights attorney and one of Oakland's most active and vocal
police critics, said the city should have done more to work with
campers before sending in police. "The city sent police to evict this
camp, arrest people and potentially hurt them," Siegel said.
"Obviously, we're not on the same page. It's an amazing show of force
to move tents from a public place." Siegel strongly and vocally
opposed any plan by the city to take down the month-old camp in the
days leading up the police raid. "I am really disappointed with the
city," Siegel said at the protest near City Hall. Oakland has become
"the most hostile city to the Occupy movement. Where else are they
having 600 police officers take down some tents?" In a statement, Quan
said it was time for the camp to come down. "Camping is a tactic. It
is one that has divided Oakland, a city of the 99 percent. It's time
to work together on the issues of unemployment, foreclosures and
education cuts. While the camping must end, the movement continues."
Read more about the raid in which 32 protesters were arrested:

Occupy Portland
[11/14] Following a gesture of overwhelming support from the people of
Portland, a night of music and peaceful protest Police and Occupiers
came to an agreement to reopen the streets and clean up the park in
the morning. VIDEO:
11/13 [Huffington Post] Several hundred protesters, some wearing
goggles and gas masks, marched past authorities in a downtown street
Sunday, hours after riot police forced Occupy Portland demonstrators
out of a pair of weeks-old encampments in nearby parks. Police moved
in shortly before noon and drove protesters into the street after
dozens remained in the camp in defiance city officials. Mayor Sam
Adams had ordered that the camp shut down Saturday at midnight, citing
unhealthy conditions and the encampment's attraction of drug users and
thieves. Read more:

Occupy Puerto Rico
[Member report] On the 5th of November members of Occupy Puerto Rico
occupied for several hours a decorative scaffolding in front of the
island's biggest bank, Banco Popular. They climbed the scaffolding
without any resistance from authorities or nap security, and at the
peek hour of traffic unfurled a large banner which they adorned the
front of the building with.
past Friday, in tune with the 11/11/11 call to Take the Streets (Tomar
las called), members of Occupy Puerto Rico led a march that ended with
to sit-ins that received some threats from police officers, but
thankfully no arrests. In the second sit-in, the demonstrations ended
appropriating a series of statues dedicated to US presidents which
were built-in front of the capitol building.

Occupy Saint Louis
 (KMOX/AP) — Police arrested about two dozen people at an Occupy St.
Louis encampment early Saturday, then began taking down the tents
where the protesters have lived over the past several weeks.
One young man suffered a seizure during the arrests but was conscious
and alert by the time an ambulance arrived to take him to the
hospital. The cause wasn’t immediately known.
The arrests began shortly after midnight, roughly 20 minutes after
U.S. District Judge Carol Jackson declined a request by protesters for
a temporary injunction that would have allowed camping at Kiener Plaza
to continue at least through the weekend. However, Jackson did
schedule a hearing on Tuesday to consider whether the protesters
should be allowed to relocate in the park.
The demonstrators who were arrested stood passively on park ground —
violating the city’s 10 p.m. curfew — as officers used plastic ties to
handcuff them and lead them to eight paddywagons. There was no
violence and no resistance.
At least 100 other protesters stood on a sidewalk and chanted things
at police like “Shame on you!,” ”Who do you serve?” and “Our passion
for freedom is stronger than your prison.”

Occupy San Francisco
[Breaking via Twitter – 2:50pm PST] “Two SFPD trucks have arrived at
Justin Herman. Officers unloading a large quantity of police
barricades into stacks. We need your support!”
[Member report – 11/13] Occupy San Francsico responds to allegations
that two members attacked police officers… “Police claim that two
protesters attacked police officers. No evidence of such attacks has
come to light, nor have any witnesses turned up after an extensive
OccupySF investigation involving Communications, Media, Nonviolence,
and Direct Action teams, including numerous interviews and the review
of large amounts of video footage. OccupySF members only report seeing
a woman fall down, inadvertently hitting a police officer with her
sign as she fell.
Police claim that their own violent shoving of protesters was made in
an attempt to keep marchers off the central median. This is false. The
police were engaged in continually trying to flank the
marchers and force them off the road and onto the sidewalk, which they
succeeded in doing at one point in the march.”

Occupy Santa Cruz
[Member report]  “Occupy Santa Cruz where we have been given an
eviction notice for our camp for November 15th, and the front side of
the camp (on county property) is now being served eviction notices
daily. We currently have 20 sheriffs on site with crime tape, ready to
take down our geodesic dome and everything else they can. Support is
needed; cameras, people power.”

Occupy Seattle
[slog report - 11/13] Occupy Seattle members interrupt a forum at Town
Hall—“a forum in favor of Occupy Wall Street.” The meeting was
reportedly supposed to be an informed discussion between Occupy
Seattle and other activists. Many people who had gathered to discuss
the movement walked out of the Town Hall.  "I walked in supportive and
left unsupportive," said 69-year-old Mary Ann, who declined to provide
her last name. "I’m turned off by the negative shouts, repetition, and
all I can think about is a cult. And I believe in every one of their
damn principles."Some Occupy Seattle members reported earlier today
that they too were a bit disappointed with Saturday’s action and hope
to see only positive things coming out of this movement.  Read more

Occupy Egypt
[Global Voices – 11/13] Homosexuals to Occupy Tahrir on January 1.
Recently, a Facebook page was established to promote the rights of
homosexuals and to call on them to gather on the 1 January, 2012, in
Tahrir Square to demand their rights. Hundreds joined the page, not
necessarily to support the demands, but to write homophobic comments,
murder threats, and to cite Quran verses that show how Islam forbids
homosexuality and defines it as a major sin.

Occupy Vancouver
Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson said he has no plan to cut off power
and water to the Occupy Vancouver encampment, even though the majority
of city residents want the tents gone. Instead, the mayor said Monday
that the city is continuing to apply constant and careful pressure to
the protesters to pack up their belongings and go.
He said the protesters have not fully complied with the court's
interim injunction, which called for proper spacing of tents, removal
of flammable sources and removal of tarps. The fire department and
city engineers are still pressuring the campers to comply with
Vancouver's fire bylaw, he said. Read it on Global News: Global BC |
Vancouver mayor has no plans to cut power to Occupy Vancouver camp

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