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I am building an archive of the TweetBoat tweets:


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Subject: [Interocc] Researching Twitter Occupy Activity

Hello Friends,

I am conducting some research to build a web tool that intends to provide a visual representation of geospatial interest in the movement. I plan to start by taking a look at the frequency of occupy-related hashtags on Twitter. Already this is a feat given reports of over 100K occupy-related hashtags on Twitter. I ask if anyone knows of a catalog of occupy-hashtags being hosted anywhere? Any help would be appreciated--perhaps even using this thread as a catalog where individuals could reply with hashtags they have been using on Twitter to discuss the movement.

My aim with this research is to provide a concise and intuitive representation of global participation, while respecting the autonomy of each occupation. I hope that such a representation might aid in validating the movement for individuals who require a more clear understanding of its size and momentum.

All my best,
Andrew J Miller (Denton, TX)

PS: I have already constructed phase 1 of this project, but it is flawed in the sense that it requires to be spread virally through social networks in order for it to provide an accurate representation. Feel free to have a look at

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