From:   Becky Hurwitz <>
Sent time:   Tuesday, November 15, 2011 6:22:19 AM
Subject:   [september17discuss] Fwd: about the Temporary Restraining Order that police can't evict people
Attachments:   Order re Liberty Park.pdf   

From some NLG lawyers.  THANK YOU LAWYERS!
Temporary restraining order issued at 6:30 am prohibiting evictions from Liberty Park (unless "lawful arrests for criminal offenses), allowing protestors back in with tents or other property previously utilized, and prohibitng enforcing "rules published after the occupation began.
Attorneys associated with the New York City Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild working as the Liberty Park Legal Working Group obtained a temporary restraining order against the City of New York, various City agencies, and Brookfield properties directing that occupiers be allowed back on the premises with their belongings.

See link for the order:

Government due to appear in court (71 Thomas Street) at 11:30 am today to respond.