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Bravo, Toronto!
Which reminds me: I don't have a feel for how much of the OWS media and internet work was being done at Zuccotti itself, but I have to assume that at least to a certain extent those of us not in the park need to step up to the plate to help with that... starting with making sure news of Toronto's action and others soon to follow are shared far and wide!!!! 

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I am in Toronto and we already went to brookfields offices here.

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Has OWS or any of its working groups yet put out a call for solidarity actions from other cities around the world against the cop attack, and in support of our continued occupation?
Obviously comrades on the ground are busy with mobilization and organization -- although hopefully if they have a spare 5 minutes it would be great to have a one-line appeal passed by a GA whenever realistic.
But in the meantime,�those of us stuck at our computers at our wage-slave jobs should really be drumming up support for emergency solidarity actions!