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Community and Labor Press Conference Today at 2 PM

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DEFINITELY re 11/17 -- but just got word on FB that cops are attacking protesters at new Canal site!!!!
Turn out now, appeal for bodies now!

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IMHO, I feel that the emphasis must be on turn-out for November 17.

Personally, I am going to call everyone I know in the labor movement to push them to get out and push them to push their union to mobilize for N17 at 5pm in Foley Square.

On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 11:57 AM, Micah Landau <> wrote:
This is great, but I think these organizations, and especially the CLC, could do one key thing: show up. Where is Vinnie? Can he come down to the park? What about Dennis Hughes, or someone else from the state fed?

I seriously doubt that they'll be able to arrange "accommodations" for folks living in the park, or event to establish a way to reclaim confiscated items, but they could come out to the park, speak to the press, etc.

On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 10:59 AM, Kelley Wolcott <> wrote:
Spoke with AFL and the CLC this morning. Recommended that the AFL issue an immediate statement and email blast condeming the clearing of the park. Also asked if CLC could help with legal aspects of the eviction - helping to make sure those arrested have strong legal council and to pressure the mayor for a quick release in addition establishing a means to reclaim confiscated items from the park. Finally, to make sure that accommodations can be taken care of for permanent park residents that were not arrested this morning along with providing space for those to go once released, in the absence of the park space. I will continue to keep them updated and to make requests as events unfold and we get more details about what happened inside the park. They are eager to do what they can to help.
In the interim, the main thing is to make sure that we make 11/17 mega huge!
On Tuesday, November 15, 2011, anthony gronowicz <> wrote:
> I ran into a cyclist who had contacted Brookfield Properties and she said that Brookfield did not request it. � Given what has taken place with the demonstrators and their belongings so far, this leaflet is not accurate as to what would happen.
> Tony

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> Notice Of Requirement To Remove Property From Zuccotti Park
> Attention Please. This Announcement Is Being Made On Behalf Of The Owner Of This Property, Brookfield Properties, And The City Of New York.
> The City Has Determined That The Continued Occupation Of Zuccotti Park Poses An Increasing Health And Fire Safety Hazard To Those Camped In The Park, The City's First Responders, And To The Surrounding Community.
> You Are Required To Immediately Remove All Property, Including Tents, Sleeping Bags And Tarps From Zuccotti Park. That Means You Must Remove The Property Now. As Has Been Previously Announced, The Storage Of These Materials At This Location Is Not Allowed. We Also Require That You Immediately Leave The Park On A Temporary Basis So It Can Be Cleared And Restored For It's Intended Use.
> You Will Be Allowed To Return To The Park In Several Hours, When This Work Is Complete. If You Decide To Return, You Will Not Be Permitted To Bring Tents, Sleeping Bags, Tarps And Similar Materials With You.
> As Noted Above, Once The Park Has Been Cleared Of Tents, Sleeping Bags And Tarps You Will Be Allowed To Return. Subject To The Rules Governing The Use Of This Park. The Sooner The Clearing Is Accomplished, The Sooner You Can Return. The Park Will Be Open For Public Use Once It Is Cleared And Restored.
> If You Fail To Immediately Remove Your Property, We Will Do So And Transport It To The Department Of Sanitation Parking Garage At 650 West 57th Street, Where you Will be Able To Recover It As Soon As Noon Today, With Proper Identification. If You Fail To Immediately Leave The Park Or In Any Manner Interfere. With Efforts To Remove Property From The Park, You Will Be Subject To Arrest.
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> I agree, but depending on the 99% response, this can build for the 17th. Statements need to go out saying how this has not broken the 99% but only strengthens our resolve. The NYPD and the Mayor's actions almost "legitimize" the movement.
> Most importantly we have the control the message, and not let the mayor's office make this about a "health hazard".
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> I just got back from downtown. �This was done to head off Thursday's mass protest of students and workers.
> Tony
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"They say in Harlan county, there are no neutrals there..."

Rose Goldstein Bookbinder
Organizer, UAW