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Subject:   [september17discuss] CWA, AFL-CIO response to attack: "join 11/17, now more than ever!"

CWA Statement and AFL-CIO Trumka statement. Also reading news on court case via REDDIT


The Communications Workers of America released today the following statement from District 1 Vice-President Chris Shelton:�

"The Communications Workers of America strongly condemns the decision by Mayor Bloomberg to forcibly remove protesters from Zuccotti park. In two short months, Occupy Wall Street has focused the world's attention on the deep frustration felt by working people about an economy that no longer works for the middle class. The 99% have seen good jobs disappear while the rich get richer and the big banks make billions with impunity. Mayor Bloomberg may have cleared the park for now, but Occupy Wall Street's message cannot be silenced. No one can evict an idea whose time has come.

"Now more than ever, CWA members will join the massive day of action on Thursday, November 17. Verizon workers who have been walking for over a week from Albany, NY -- over 150 miles in total -- will arrive at Verizon Headquarters at 140 West St in New York City on Thursday at 4 pm to join hundreds of their coworkers in a March to Foley Square. Their message is the same message we are hearing from Occupy Wall Street and beyond: The 99% are standing up against corporate greed and against a government that more and more puts the interests of the 1% ahead of the middle class."

e-activist alert from president Trumka being shared with press:
Dear ,

They can take away the tarps and the tents. But they can�t slow down the Occupy Wall Street movement.

There have been police raids on Occupy Wall Street in Oakland, Calif.; Portland, Ore.; Denver; Albany, N.Y.; Burlington, Vt.; and Chapel Hill, N.C.�and now, last night in New York�s Zuccotti Park�orchestrated by politicians acting on behalf of the 1%.

But the 99% is undaunted. Occupy Wall Street�s message already has created a new day. This movement has created a seismic shift in our national debate�from austerity and cuts to jobs, inequality and our broken economic system.

Show your solidarity by attending a Nov. 17 bridge action near you.

And send a message of solidarity to the Occupy Wall Street protesters�which will be delivered by Working America this week.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has been committed to peaceful, nonviolent action from its inception. And it will keep spreading no matter what elected officials tell police to do. But that doesn�t mean these raids are acceptable. In fact, they are inexcusable.

As former Secretary of State Colin Powell put it, these protests are �as American as apple pie.� Americans must be allowed to speak out against pervasive inequality, even if the truth discomfits the 1%.

The AFL-CIO will do everything in our power to make sure the free speech rights of these peaceful protesters are protected.

Click here to find a Nov. 17 bridge action near you.
And click here to send a message of solidarity directly to the Occupy Wall Street protesters�Working America will deliver it this week.

We are the 99%.

In Solidarity,

Richard L. Trumka
President, AFL-CIO

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