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Subject:   [september17discuss] Fwd: Court Rules in Favor of OWS-All Out to Zuccotti; 7pm General Assembly

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The court has ruled in favor of OWS and upheld an injunction ordering the city to allow protestors back into Zuccotti Park with all their belongings.  But Bloomberg and the NYPD remain defiant and have amassed riot police to prevent us from re-entering the park.  Come down as soon as possible to Zuccotti Park to demand that the injunction be enforced and that we are allowed to continue our peaceful protest. 

According to the NYCGA website's list of actions, the General Assembly tonight is still planned for 7pm at Zuccotti Park.  

Come TO GENERAL ASSEMBLY tonight at 7pm in Liberty Plaza/Zuccotti Park
They can kick us out, but they can’t stop us from reassembling.  Let’s show them that truth by showing up at Liberty Plaza with the biggest General Assembly yet!  

Spread the word! You can't evict an idea whose time has come! We will not be silenced!