From:   Craig Bethel <>
Sent time:   Tuesday, November 15, 2011 9:35:15 PM
Subject:   Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] protecting OWS using media over the next few days

A tactic that has worked for me has been to pick a cop and keep the camera in his face until he gets beyond uncomfortable (make sure you keep your feet moving so they cant move you off the sidewalk. That's the first tactic they'll try). They will go from aggressive, to confused, then eventually they run; the final stage is the realization that they must continue to do their job so they begin this "act" of being a good cop. I experimented with Lt K my last day in Wall St. After 2 hours of straight filming him, he wanted a reality show based on his on-duty lifestyle... This was the same cop that antagonized 3 arrests earlier that day in the park.


My point is, use your weapon to make them more uncomfortable than they make you!!


By the way, I want to express my pride in all of the Wall St live-streamers yesterday through this morning. While I was in Occupy Everett, WA I watched at least 14+ hours of consistent streaming content that was well exposed, good framing, and just damn good shooting overall. This was the biggest success to date in my opinion! I believe you guys exposed and finally put to rest the Corporate Media & their ineptitude.... being the only cameras in a 5 block radius streaming the truth of a situation for almost an entire day nonstop!


I am proud to work with you guys, and inspired at the way you held it down in NYC. Continue to take what is rightfully ours until there is nothing left for the opposition. Negate their fear mongering with courage!


Thanks and be well,


Craig A. Bethel





On Nov 15, 2011, at 11:09 PM, Vlad T wrote:


> Hi People


> I think we find ourselves in a very intersting situation now, which i many ways feels like the first days of the occupation. however, the police is much more present in the park and is asserting certain aggresive attitude towards the people in the park which is aimed to stop us from having a normal working environment. At the same time, there are a lot more of us and we are so much more smarter :)

> I propose that we engage this problem from a tactical media perspective. - specifically i propose that all the members of the collective try to spend as much time as reasonable in the camp in the next few days, and even go so far as to assign shifts when people would defend the camp with livestream and other cameras. we want to be able to cover it 24 hours a day to provide protection.

> In addition, I want us to capture and immediatly digitize footage of cops acting in aggresive way, or other ways that violate peoples civil rights, create a facebook of sorts of bad police officers and try to find the victims and work with them to file ccrb complaints. i think over a short time we wiull be able to inundate the CCRB police complaint comission with complaints about different police officers (a lot of who will end up with multiple complaints) and that will eventually jam up the system...


> Who wants to participate in this? we provide whatever training and we have basic equipment to do this.


> Vlad