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It’s good to beginning to start educating about the potential power of a general strike, but to actually call for it will make us seem out of touch with reality. Anyone who is touch with the unions or their members knows they are nowhere near willing to do such a thing. A call would just make us look out like a failure when it doesn’t happen. In the US,  you don’t get any political strikes. The Bay Area longshoreman are unusual in this respect; they’ve held political strike since they sparked the 1934 general strike. That resulted in a Bay area labor movement that was much more radical than in NY. Still NO unions endorsed the call for a general strike recently in Oakland, and unfortunately none came forward to resist the 2nd eviction in Oakland. In NY, except for the transport workers, public sector workers, forbidden to strike by the Taylor Law, haven’t been willing to strike at all over their own interests. That would be a big step forward, and perhaps with the new support for labor that we have created, it will become possible.   


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I think it would be awesome, but I am not yet convinced organizing such a thing is possible in the space of 36 hours.  I would love to be convinced.





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dancing fingers up high!!!!

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> I'm down with that!
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>> History moves quickly. We should too.
>> Attached is a poster for an N17 NYC General Strike. Sparkles?
>> solidarity,
>> zoe