From:   lulu <>
Sent time:   Wednesday, November 16, 2011 7:13:43 AM
Subject:   RE: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] occupy ws journal

I am concerned about the demands that were printed in the ows journal yesterday. These include "papers for the so-called illegal aliens, free public transportation, low rent... and tomorrow even more." These are not my demands, and I did not see them in the original Declaration of the Occupation. My understanding is that the movement has been slow and careful about issuing "demands" partly to stay true to our mission to represent the 99% and include issues that the majority of Americans are concerned about. The paper also repeatedly attacks capitalism in a way that is more aggressive than anything I have seen previously. It is a definite tone change from the thoughtful articles of individuals describing their experience in the movement.

I believe the OWS Journal is an affinity group and therefore independent, however I think it is important at a moment when ows has attracted so much popular support that we not allow a group to misrepresent us.

Is anyone else concerned about this?