From:   noia efrat <>
Sent time:   Wednesday, November 16, 2011 8:16:25 AM
Subject:   Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Re: Crew Call for N17

Are we also talking about livestream? If so, those of us on teradeck will also have material to digitize.
Is there a location other than the archive at the studio that we are trying to drop off material to make editing/output faster?  

2011/11/16 Sofía Gallisá <>
I'll be shooting video and photos and will be at Wall St at 7am.

I guess the important thing is to choose a place where we can all
bring our footage and share it for fast turnaround.

On Nov 16, 12:17 am, Zagg <> wrote:
> Hello all,
> N17 was already shaping up to be a significant day of action and that's now
> taken on added significance given what's transpired in the last 24 hours.
> There are things planned throughout the day that need to be documented.
> Full schedule is available here.
> *Looking for volunteers, especially for early parts of the day. (7 AM
> action & the 3 PM convergences, especially the Student Strike at Union
> Square, which could be quite large.)*
> *
> *
> *I have lined up what we probably need for 5 PM.*
> *Also need editors for the footage.*
> Schedule:
> Liberty Plaza - 7:00 am: SHUT DOWN WALL STREET RESIST austerity
> Enough of this economy that divides us - it's time for an economy that
> works for all. We will gather at 7:00 a.m., before the ring of the Trading
> Floor Bell, to confront Wall Street with the stories of people on the
> frontlines of economic injustice. There, before the Stock Exchange, we will
> exchange stories rather than stocks.
> RSVP and more details here for Shut Down
> vent.php?eid=288654331165960
> 3:00 pm: OCCUPY THE SUBWAYS RECLAIM our democracy!
> Throughout the boroughs, we will gather at 7 central subway hubs, to listen
> to a singular story from one of our hardest-hit and most inspirational
> neighbors.
> Bronx: Fordham Rd, and 3rd Ave/138th
> Brooklyn: Broadway Junction, and Borough Hall
> Queens: Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Ave, and Jamaica Center Parsons Archer
> Manhattan: 125th st, and Union Square
> Staten Island: St George/Staten Island Ferry
> Then we will take our own stories to the trains, using the "People's Mic".
> We will rise up from the underground to join thousands of others gathered
> in the light of day, at Foley Square.
> STUDENT STRIKE: Gather at Union Square
> Take the Square 5pm. RECREATE
> Community members, community groups and labor are taking their fight for
> jobs and economic justice out of the park, and into the streets, in this
> first nationally coordinated day of action between organized labor and
> Occupy Wall Street. for more info and to RSVP:
> vent.php?eid=140299612738681
> Across the country, our infrastructure is falling apart; our bridges, our
> roads, our public transit systems are in a state of disrepair. Enough! It's
> time to revitalize our economy with the creation of local jobs which serve
> our country as a whole!
> At 5:00 pm, we celebrate with tens of thousands of people as we gather at
> Foley square, march to our bridges and demand that we get back to work! The
> celebration will culminate in a festival of light as we mark the two-month
> anniversary of the #occupy movement!
> Details and RSVP here:
> Take a sick day, come out from the darkness surrounding Wall Street and
> into the light!
> Resist austerity. Rebuild the economy. Reclaim our democracy.