From:   Movement for Justice in El Barrio <>
Sent time:   Wednesday, November 16, 2011 2:33:28 PM
Subject:   [september17discuss] Important: NYC Encuentro for Humanity and Against Neoliberalism

Compañeras and compañeros of Occupy Wall St.:


You are resisting together, and for your efforts you are scorned, beaten,

tear-gassed, peppered sprayed, evicted. In the face of repression, let us

find new ways to struggle, to share, to live—-with justice, with dignity,

with each other.


"The great world powers still have not found the weapon to destroy dreams.

While they keep searching, we will continue dreaming, that is to say,

continue winning."- Words of the Zapatistas.



The following is an invitation from Movement for Justice in El Barrio:


Movement for Justice in El Barrio

“Liberty is like the morning. There are those who sleep and wait for it to

arrive, and those that stay awake and walk through the night to reach it.”

- Words of the Zapatistas


An Invitation from Movement for Justice in El Barrio:


To members and families of organizations, community members, and people of

good heart, who are resisting in their communities.

To Occupy Wall Street and their supporters

To those who fight for humanity.


NYC Encuentro for Humanity and Against Neoliberalism


An Encuentro is a space for people to come together; it is a gathering. An

Encuentro is not a meeting, a panel or a conference, it is a way of

sharing developed by the Zapatistas as another form of doing politics:

from below and to the left. It is a place where we can all speak, we will

all listen, and we can all learn. It is a place where we can share the

many different struggles that make us one.





We are here. We are a community in resistance. Here in the streets of East

Harlem we have fought multinational corporations who try to take away our

homes and destroy our community. We have fought the politicians who try to

buy our dignity and sell our community. We have fought by exercising our

autonomy and building a democratic space without hierarchy where we make

decisions through community-wide consultation and direct democratic

participation. We continue to fight.


We fight against the capitalist system and all politicians, both Democrat

and Republican, that tend and maintain the system in order to reap its

benefits for themselves. We refuse to be bound and gagged by politicians

who betray us and we will build something outside of the boxes they build

to contain us.


In our first three Encuentros, we connected our stories and our resistance

with other rumblings of resistance from across the city and across the

world. We have joined our voices with our other compañer@s who have been

ignored, forgotten and marginalized by the neoliberal capitalist system

throughout history and into the present. We have stood together as people

of color, as women, as transgender people, gays and lesbians, as youth, as

the elderly, as workers, as immigrants. We have made each other’s

struggles our own.


We have stood together with communities who reject the assistance of those

from above, from those who speak of democracy with their lips and try to

crush and silence us with their hands.


We are a river, boiling underground, making our path and growing everyday,

connecting with others. Those from above seek to ignore our rumblings,

seek to ignore our voices, seek to ignore our existence. But we have found

ways to make our voices heard and let our voices echo with the voices of

other marginalized people resisting across the world.


Now, we hear new rumblings, new shouts and new dreams. A new moment has

arrived. The capitalist system is being revealed to more eyes as the

destruction that it is. The tide is rising rapidly and more people are

drowning or struggling to stay afloat. More are looking with clear eyes on

a system that has been dismantling communities, crushing spirits and

destroying lives for years. The mask is being lifted slowly but surely.

Here we stand in resistance in our corner of the world and we welcome the

rest of the 99%.


Together we will build a world where many worlds fit.

Un mundo donde quepan muchos mundos.


So once again we invite to our corner of the world those who are

struggling for housing, for education, for health, for freedom, for

justice, for love, for a voice, for a space to exist, for peace, for

respect, for themselves, for their community, for dignity…for humanity. We

invite those who will build something new and beautiful out of the rubble

of a failed neoliberal capitalist system.


Groups fighting for humanity across New York will share our struggles and

use this gathering to find ways to mutually support each other. We will

share in whatever form of expression we choose, whether it be verbally,

through song, poetry or rhyme, through a video, through artwork or however

people can best express their struggle.


Please RSVP by Monday, November 28th, at 5 p.m.

P.S. Children are especially invited to come break open the “Neoliberal”



We will provide dinner, childcare and Spanish/English translation. Please

RSVP by Monday, November 28th, with the number of adults and children that

will be attending, their names and an address at which you would like to

receive your tickets.


Once you have RSVP’d you will receive your tickets and more details on the

Encuentro. For more info. or to RSVP, please contact us at (212) 561-0555



Who We Are

Movement for Justice in El Barrio is an immigrant- and people of

color-led, grassroots community organization that fights for dignity and

against neoliberal displacement from East Harlem to Chiapas and beyond.

For seven years, Movement has built a 700-member-strong, local movement

for dignity that has taken on and defeated multi-national corporations and

corrupt politicians. Committed to the principles of autonomy and

self-determination, Movement practices participatory democracy and

horizontal decision-making on a community-wide scale. Movement is part of

the Zapatista-initiated The Other Campaign and fights for the liberation

of women, people of color, transgender, lesbian and gay, immigrants, and

poor people.