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Here's the release created for the unveiling of the 99% sculpture.

It's pretty late, but better than never I guess...

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Subject: 99% art press release

Subject: 99% art press release

This artwork is a silent symbol of an idea that cannot be evicted. It stands in the place of a people, an event and the shared ideals of the 99 Percent. [A people presently unseen in this park, but no longer ignored by the 1%.]

Those who fearlessly occupy this space, and occupy sister spaces  around the world, do so because they are called by their consciences to question authority, and to resist the injustices enacted by the corporate system which are formulated to exploit the many to benefit the few.

This system is broken. Now is the time for the paradigm shift we have all been anticipating. Occupy Wall Steet is only the beginning of the awakening of the collective consciousness of our country. This could be a time of courageous  constructive re-invention of the great potential of our people as a whole, or, the destructive death-throes of a poorly designed, corrupted, ruling paradigm trying to resist evolution. It is our path to chose.

Gifting this artwork is a showing of artistic solidarity with the creative energy of the OWS movement. It is given with the knowledge that creativity is an integral part of free expression and the communication of protest throughout human history. 

I've been an artist participating in the Burning Man culture for the last 13 years, and know intuitively about  radical self-expression, self-reliance, community, and the ethos that there are no spectators in life, only participants.  These same qualities are here in OWS, and it is inspiring.

To honor this, I hope to add another element of my desert tribe's culture to yours: the creation of publicly accesible artwork that represents the collective ideals of its people.

This sculpture is my gift to honor the Occupy Wall Street movement, but also serves as a rallying cry to all people to creatively express the conciousness of the culture of resistance, wherever they find themselves.

Looking forward,

Kate Raudenbush
Artist, New York City