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The LA GA has called for occupations of Congress members' offices when (there's really no question of if) the Super Committee recommends cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid on December 2. This seems like something we should act on--maybe as the next major action after N17.

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Dear folks,

You have all heard me mention twice now the action that I proposed in
LA which was unanimously approved by the LA GA last night to occupy
the district offices of members of Congress after the Super Committee
releases its report on Dec. 2.  Judging by everything that has been
leaked from the committee so far, the Democrats will not be opposing
the cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, WIC and
other vital social programs that Republicans have been proposing for
decades.   This betrayal reinforces what we in the Occupy movement
know which is that neither party represents the 99%.  Instead they
represent the 1% and maybe even the one tenth of the one percent who
contribute to their campaigns and pay lobbyists to write laws that
benefit them and hurt everyone else.

The beauty of the Occupy movement is that we the people have finally
shown up physically to fight back.  Now we need to take that physical
presence to the offices of our representatives.  The action is
simple.  We will show up every business day from 9-5 at their office
and stay either outside or inside - each city will be different - and
we will stay there until they agree to sign a pledge that they will
not vote for this bill that balances the budget on the backs of the
poor, working and middle classes of this country.  We can tell them to
vote no or to vote for the People's Budget of the Progressive Caucus
or to simply go back to the drawing board and start over.  As with our
previous actions, we need to tell them what we want in very general
terms and let them decide how to get there.  In this case, the demand
is simple.  Do not vote for this budget or we will not leave.

Please read this article for more info on where the Super Committee
process stands.  As I said on the call, if you think the economic
situation is bad for most people now, wait until these cuts take

I have spoken to the co-director of the Campaign for America's Future,
which is a progressive strategy center in DC that has been working
with Van Jones's Rebuild the Dream movement which has over 70 national
groups in its coalition.  He told me that he thinks this is a great
idea and that if we do it, he can promise that his organization as
well as many others, including Rebuild the Dream and MoveOn, will
promote it to their members to participate in the occupation and may
even raise money for it.  Although I don't see that we need money to
do this, unless we want to produce 30 second spots about it to get the
general public to support it.  I am sure the netroots will get behind
it as well.  He told me that the timing of this action will dovetail
directly to an action by the  AFL-CIO and SEIU where they are bringing
3000 unemployed people to DC between Dec.5-8.  This way we bombard
them both in their DC offices and in their district offices.

As Robert Reich said in our teach-in ten days ago, there is the power
of money and the power of people.  We have the power of people.  For
far too long, it has only been the paid lobbyists that actually
physically show up in these Congress people's offices.  It is time for
us to start showing up.  I'd like to know how many of the 94 people
that are in this direct action working group are willing to be
recommend this to their GA's and be or find a point person I can work
with on this action.

In solidarity,
Lauren Steiner