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Subject:   Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] ok, we know about bad cop, how about some good cop stories?

I gotta say I agree too... would it be too far to assume that some of the aggressive behavior the cops are exhibiting is because they are envious?  Imagine all the cameras in wall st and none of them are on the cops.  Kind of like the star highschool football player at a LAN party, he'll get aggressive bc no one is paying attention to him, lol.

  If they're truly a part of the 99% then don't ignore them.  They are people with ego, power, & authority issues... there are many ways to engage bullies...

Just my thoughts.

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Yes!!! Coming from a guy who just got out of jail! See thru the immediate sometimes...
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Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] ok, we know about bad cop, how about some
 good cop stories?

yes, we need to document and livestream all activity, especially where
mainstream press cannnot reach.. and to show the poor behavior,

can we also make it a point to honor the profession of peace officers?

1) covert remote video, remote mic and agent (like me) to build
rapport with officers, getting them to admit their allegiance and
2) make note of times when their is model peace officer behavior
(directing traffic, politely directing passerby) etc.

i see a need for a parallel thread in our coverage that talks about
what a good cop looks like.