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> The Occupations Report: 11/16



> This report includes updates from Occupy sites and related efforts

> across the country and the globe. It includes big wins, local

> organizing efforts, protests/events, police activity reports and calls

> to action where additional support from allies/general public may be

> needed.


> For more updates from occupations around the country, listen to the

> Occupation America podcast at




> Internet Censorship Hearing Could Forever Change the Way We Receive

> News About This Movement

> The House is holding hearings on sweeping Internet censorship

> legislation TODAY (11/16).  If the proposed Blacklist Bill is passed,

> it will give the government and corporations new powers to block

> Americans’ access to sites that are accused of copyright infringement

> sites like YouTube that many of us in the movement depend on for

> accurate reporting of what is happening on the ground.

> CALL TO ACTION: Sign the petition to demand that opponents to the bill

> get o testify in this week’s hearing.



> Obama’s Hands-Off Approach to Occupy Raids

> Tuesday (11/15) President Barack Obama's spokesman is suggesting the

> president believes it's up to New York and other municipalities to

> decide how much force to use in dealing with Occupy Wall Street

> demonstrations.



> FBI/Homeland Security May Have Helped Coordinate Nationwide Occupy

> Raids

> According to one Justice official, each of those actions was

> coordinated with help from Homeland Security, the FBI and other

> federal police agencies. The official, who spoke to reporter Rick

> Ellis off the record Monday night, said that local police agencies had

> received tactical and planning advice from national agencies.

> According to this official, in several recent conference calls and

> briefings, local police agencies were advised to seek a legal reason

> to evict residents of tent cities, focusing on zoning laws and

> existing curfew rules. Agencies were also advised to demonstrate a

> massive show of police force, including large numbers in riot gear. In

> particular, the FBI reportedly advised on press relations, with one

> presentation suggesting that any moves to evict protesters be

> coordinated for a time when the press was the least likely to be

> present. Meanwhile raids on occupy camps across the US continue

> Wednesday.


> National Day of Action November 17th!!!

> Thousands of Americans – Occupiers, activists and concerned citizens –

> are mobilizing for what could be an unprecedented National Day of

> Action tomorrow, November 17th.  Join the 99% on November 17th as we

> fight for accountability, justice, and democracy. This is a pivotal

> moment in history – we will stand together and make our message loud

> and clear. To find a November 17th event near you, visit




> ***


> Occupy Alabama

> Occupy Alabama group is asking President Obama to put an end to the

> police attacks on American citizens who are protesting across the

> country. The group is passing around a petition that states: We the

> people of the United States demand you stop the brutal attacks on

> peaceful American protesters. Police departments have been militarized

> and those militarized police are now attacking peaceful citizens

> exercising their Constitutional right to peaceably assemble and speak.

> You and the United States justice department must uphold the

> Constitution and stop the attacks. You can view the petition here:



> Occupy Albany

>  [Wall St Journal – 11/15]   A Republican Party official clashed

> verbally with Occupy Albany protesters on Tuesday and urged Democratic

> Gov. Andrew Cuomo to appoint a special prosecutor to handle curfew

> violations by the demonstrators in a public park next to the state

> Capitol. Occupy Albany has been at Academy Park since Oct. 21.

> Starting this past weekend, troopers have made 59 arrests of those who

> crossed into adjacent state-run Lafayette Park, including 20 overnight

> Monday, testing Cuomo's vow to enforce an 11 p.m. curfew there. Most

> of those arrested face trespassing charges, but District Attorney P.

> David Soares said he won't prosecute peaceful protesters.


> Occupy Atlanta

> Today, (11/16) world famous Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream will

> be personally serving ice cream in Woodruff Park from 12-4:30. Occupy

> Atlanta will also be giving away several bikes from its newly formed

> bicycle cooperative.  At 3 pm we will be outlining plans for the

> national day of action taking place place tomorrow (11/17).


> Occupy Baltimore

> Occupy Baltimore mic checks Carl Rove.  VIDEO:



> Occupy Berkeley

> [San Francisco Gate 11/16] About 100 protesters were gathered on the

> steps of UC Berkeley's Sproul Hall this morning after pitching tents

> and spending the night on the administration building's stairs. Campus

> police told the mix of students and protesters from the former Occupy

> Oakland encampment three times early today that they would be arrested

> if they did not take down the tents and leave. No one did so.

> Activists set up about 20 tents after thousands of people gathered on

> the plaza late Tuesday to protest tuition hikes and economic

> inequality. The demonstrators also expressed anger at police tactics

> during a Sproul Plaza protest last week, in which UC police and

> Alameda County sheriff's deputies jabbed batons into the midsections

> of activists who had linked arms to prevent officers from dismantling

> tents. Video of the police conduct went viral, and UC Berkeley

> Chancellor Robert Birgeneau later said the officers' actions had been

> "unworthy of us as a university community."


> Occupy Boston

> November 16, 2011 - In a major victory – and relief – for Occupy

> Boston camp residents living under constant fear of eviction by

> police, a Suffolk Superior Court judge today issued a temporary

> restraining order against the City of Boston, barring the eviction of

> the encampment at Dewey Square until a hearing on December 1st.


> Occupy Chapel Hill

> Chapel Hill protesters issued a statement yesterday (11/15) condemning

> excessive use of force used by the CHPD on 11/20.  “The General

> Assembly of Occupy Chapel Hill/Carrboro, meeting at Peace and Justice

> Plaza, expresses outrage and disappointment at the disproportionate

> and disturbing use of force by the Chapel Hill Police Department.

> Officers pointing automatic weapons at the heads and bodies of unarmed

> and peaceful individuals as they did on Sunday afternoon — without

> issuing any prior warning — raises serious questions about who they

> are meant to serve and protect.” Read the entire statement at:



> Occupy Charlotte

> [Raw Story 11/16] Early Tuesday morning, eight protesters at Occupy

> Charlotte in North Carolina were arrested outside of Bank of America’s

> corporate headquarters, according to The Charlotte Observer. The

> demonstrators chanted “Bank of America, bank of coal,” and also

> dropped a large banner in front of the building’s headquarters that

> read “Not with our money.”


> Occupy Chicago

> As part of a national day of action for jobs and economic justice on

> Thursday, Occupy Chicago, Stand Up! Chicago and individuals from other

> labor and community groups will be rallying and marching to, “Resist

> austerity, reclaim the economy, and recreate our democracy!”

> Thursday: Occupy Chicago Participates in National Day of Action

> November 17

> 3:30 pm: Occupy Chicago joins StandUp! Chicago to “demand jobs, not

> cuts, from our government!” Rally at the Thompson Center (100 W.

> Randolph St), followed by a march.

> 5:30 pm: Occupy Chicago engages in a mass action at Jackson and

> LaSalle


> Occupy Colleges

> Students across U.S will strike on Nov. 17 in protest of cost and

> quality of college education. This comes just as CSU passed a 9%

> tuition increase this afternoon (11/16). Unlike past student actions

> in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, these college demonstrations

> specifically target issues surrounding tuition increases, financial

> aid and the diminishing quality of education and student services.

> This strike was called on by the schools that comprise the State

> University of New York (SUNY) network. It is supported by the ASL-CIO

> labor movement and the California Faculty Association. For more info

> check out


> Occupy Columbia

> Today, November 16, 2011 Governor Nikki Haley will hold a press

> conference to evict Occupy Columbia protesters from the South Carolina

> State House grounds. Peaceful bodies are needed to protest this

> conference, the press conference will be held today at 4PM on the 1st

> Floor of the State House Lobby.


> Occupy Columbus

> Statehouse Wednesday 11/16 3-5pm for symbolic sleep in in solidarity

> with the homeless. Speakers include veterans, agencies that deal with

> the crises of poverty in America! A permit has been obtained for an

> Occupy Columbus event on the Statehouse lawn. Since no stakes, poles,

> or tents are permitted, bring your sleeping bag, pillow (optional) and

> signage. Supporters will occupy the Statehouse West Plaza with a sea

> of sleeping bags. Bring extra sleeping bags for friends without. This

> is also a day for recognizing the millions of American children and

> families who are homeless. Did you know the average age of a homeless

> person is 9 yrs. old?


> Occupy Dallas

> Twitter reports today from people on the ground in Dallas saying that

> on Tuesday, Department of Homeland Security police were seen – today

> there are rumors that Dallas will be evicted. There is speculation

> today in Dallas that


> Occupy DC



> Occupy Detroit

> [Detroit News – 11/15] Occupy Detroit has been granted a one-week

> extension to stay in Grand Circus Park.

> Members of the movement wanted two weeks to clean up the park and to

> find transitional housing for some of the homeless people on-site, but

> they were allowed to stay only until Nov. 21, just a few days before

> the city's annual Thanksgiving Day parade downtown.

> Councilman Kwame Kenyatta gave a passionate speech before the vote,

> saying occupiers are standing on the backs of those who protested and

> marched for civil rights. City officials should not have them jumping

> through hoops, he said.


> Occupy Fairbanks

> [Anchorage Daily News – 11/15] The Occupy Fairbanks group has set up a

> tent to shield themselves from frigid winter temperatures -- a move

> that could get them in hot water with borough officials. Last week,

> the borough released a statement that said the group could stay as

> long as it didn't break borough rules, which don't allow camping at

> the park. Borough Mayor Luke Hopkins says the tent, which has a small

> wood stove, would break those rules. But, he says, the borough will

> work with the group.


> Occupy Fresno

> November 14, 2011 - Occupy Fresno filed a lawsuit in the federal court

> challenging the violations of civil liberties and First Amendment

> rights by Fresno County. The members of Occupy Fresno have chosen

> Courthouse Park, a public space maintained by taxpayer monies, as the

> venue in which to peaceably assemble and petition our government for a

> redress of grievances. Included in the lawsuit is an application for a

> temporary restraining order against Fresno County, prohibiting them

> from further unlawful enforcement of its permit system regarding the

> use of Courthouse Park. Occupy Fresno members report that the Fresno

> County Sheriff’s Department has arrested members of the group daily

> since November 6, 2011


> Occupy Harvard

> 11/14 - Harvard University custodial workers from the Service

> Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 615 will be rallying

> outside the Harvard Management Company’s office—located on the top

> floor of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, directly across the

> street from Occupy Boston in Dewey Square—tomorrow, November 15, at

> 4:30 pm. The custodians are currently in difficult negotiations with

> the University over parody, wages, educational benefits, and

> healthcare, and their union contract ends at midnight tomorrow.


> Occupy Houston

> [11/15] Tuesday afternoon, members of Occupy Houston signed up to

> speak at the weekly Houston City Council meeting.  The meeting was

> televised on Comcast channel 16. During the public comment section,

> David Atwood of the Houston Peace and Justice Center, and three

> representatives of Occupy Houston spoke about the relative cooperation

> of HPD and the lack of injury in the camp, which has so far been the

> case.  The issue of rain tarps was addressed, and the speakers

> indicated that the remaining tarps in the camp were now in compliance

> with city ordinance, none being secured to trees, furniture or tent

> stakes and were in fact draped loosely over supplies. Immediately

> following the council meeting (across the street from the camp), HPD

> entered the camp and moved to confiscate a tarp being used to cover a

> table.  Protestors on the ground joined hands and chanted, but one of

> them was arrested and taken into custody.

> CALL TO ACTION:  Contact the city! Mayor Annise D. Parker

> at713.837.0311, or



> Occupy Long Beach

> [SCPR 11/16]Protesters in Long Beach are struggling to set up camp at

> a park near City Hall. There's been a delay in the Occupy Long Beach

> bid for a 24-hour free speech zone that would allow them to pitch

> tents overnight at downtown's Lincoln Park. Protesters have been

> gathering in the Park for more than a month but have been obeying a

> city ordinance that forces them to leave after 10 p.m. and forbids

> tents in the park overnight. Organizers asked the City Council to

> amend the law so they can use tents to protect them from rain and cold

> and stay overnight to give them a 24-hour free speech zone. The

> council decided on Tuesday to order feasibility reports from the city

> attorney, the Police Department and other agencies for consideration

> at their Dec. 6 meeting, the Long Beach Press-Telegram reports.


> Occupy Maine

> Occupy Maine protesters worked Tuesday to insulate their tents, set up

> portable heaters and buy extra thermal socks as they vowed to stick it

> out in a city park for the winter months ahead.

> While police have been evicting protesters in New York and other

> cities, demonstrators in Maine are hunkering down. Close to 60 tents

> are now set up in Lincoln Park, with many people placing hay bales

> around their tents and tarps over the top for insulation to ward off

> the cold to come.


> Occupy Missoula

> Occupy Missoula Needs Help to Make it Through the Winter

> [Member report - 11/15] Over this past weekend Occupy Missoula was

> subject to an eviction attempt by Missoula County. “We are encamped at

> the Missoula County Courthouse. For Veteran's Day, Occupy Missoula

> agreed to de-camp so that a Veteran's Day celebration could be held at

> the Courthouse. Following Veteran's Day… members of our logistics

> working group were told… that if we re-established a full occupation

> we would be arrested. There were also insinuations that our encampment

> would be raided due to "health violations." Over the next two days, we

> lawyered up... and this afternoon, a member of our legal team met with

> a County official and the County completely retreated. We won! We

> defended our encampment from an attempt to kill it.”

> CALL FOR DONATIONS: “We need immediate help - money, tents, food,

> winter clothing, heaters, generators, anything at all you can provide

> would mean the world to us.” If you wish to make a donation please

> email:


> Occupy Oakland

> Beloved OO Protester/Activist Placed Under Immigration Hold Needs Your


> Occupy Oakland members are asking supporters to help fellow member

> Pancho Ramos Stierle. Pancho was one of the first to be arrested at

> the second raid from the camp.  He is still being held.

> CALL TO ACTION: Call the following federal officials NOW and ask them

> to ask Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) to release (or lift)

> the immigration hold on him. Barbara Lee 510-763-0370. Nancy Pelosi

> 415-556-4862. Diane Feinstein 415-393-0707. “We have 12 to 24 hours to

> act on this.”


> [11/16] In other Occupy Oakland news, questions have been raised about

> whether police raids against Occupy Oakland broke the law. The rules

> of engagement stemming from the 2003 incident, in which anti-war

> protesters were shot with wooden bullets, prohibit such police

> escalations like the one that led to Scott Olsen's injury. Stinger

> grenades containing rubber pellets as well as any weapon meant to be

> fired at the ground are banned. Less-than-lethal weapons, such as

> rubber bullets, bean bags and flash-bang devices, can't be used for

> crowd control.


> Occupy Pittsburgh

> Police arrested five Occupy Pittsburgh protesters Tuesday night

> (11/15) outside the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. The protest

> was held as Halliburton was hosting a conference for oil and gas

> industry members inside. Police said 100 protesters gathered outside

> the convention center around 6 p.m. and were told to disband. When

> five of them resisted, they were arrested, police said. Police said

> those arrested face various charges, including defiant trespass,

> failure to disperse, disorderly conduct and obstructing traffic.


> Occupy Private Prisons

> VIDEO by Brave New Films exposing a for-profit Detention Center in GA

> that rakes in close to $50 million per year for imprisoning people in

> the US without citizenship documents:



> Occupy Rice U (Houston, TX)

> [11/15] Majority Leader Eric Cantor interrupted at Rice University

> with a Mic Check by Rice University grad students, in solidarity with

> Occupy Houston. See the video here:



> Occupy Salt Lake City

> OSLC Staging 5-day Street Theater Action to Shame Banking Fat Cats

> Two days after police forcibly evicted Occupy Salt Lake City from

> Pioneer Park, the Occupy community is responding with art and

> laughter. Occupy SLC's five-day street theater action, “Why Isn't

> Anyone Helping Her?!,” is a “humorous romp through dark American

> realities and the shameful misdeeds of fat cat bankers.” It started

> Monday, Nov. 14, and continues each day through Nov. 18, with a new

> scene performed each day.


> Occupy San Francisco

> Local authorities removed 15 tents from Occupy San Francisco’s

> Embarcadero camp early Wednesday morning (11/16). “What we said was

> there was a problem with these 15 tents,” said San Francisco Police

> Cmdr. Richard Corriea to the Mercury News. “They were blocking the

> sidewalk and there was a level of biohazard we couldn’t leave. We’re

> talking about seven people in 15 tents at 1:15 a.m. It was a very

> finite mission.” Seven people were arrested.


> Occupy Seattle

> [Raw Story 11/16] During a crackdown on “Occupy Seattle,” an 84-year-

> old woman and a pregnant 19-year-old girl were among those attacked by

> police wielding pepper spray, according to reports. Read more at



> Occupy St. Louis

> On Veterans Day,  Patti March, a former St. Louis Co. Police Officer

> and member of Occupy Police spoke to Occupy St. Louis.  In her speech,

> she said she openly stands with the 99% of St. Louis. “There’s a

> misconception that Police aren’t part of the 99%, well I’m here to end

> that misconception.” March herself was shot in the face by a fellow

> officer.  To read her entire speech, go to:



> Occupy Wall St.

> November 15, 2011 at 11pm, over 100 people, mostly women, marched from

> Liberty Square to NYPD’s 1st Precinct HQ to demand that all women in

> custody be treated with respect and dignity by the police. The march

> was organized after women in custody made various complaints of male

> officers patrolling the women’s cells, unannounced. “We were told that

> male members of the NYPD were specifically making unannounced patrols

> by the women’s cells, and by the shared women’s toilet (in plain view

> of all women and officers)--which is a common tactic used to humiliate

> those in custody.” In the spirit of the Occupy movement, the crowd of

> 100 gathered in a show of solidarity to demand that the NYPD issue a

> formal statement that this will be addressed and that there be no more

> instances of this humiliating tactic being used. There were no

> arrests.

> CALL TO ACTION: All those in solidarity are encouraged to call the

> complaint line and demand Police Commissioner Ray Kelly put an end to

> this violent behavior. NYPD Internal Affairs: 212.487.7350 or directly

> NYPD 1st Precinct: 212.334.0611


> Occupy Worcester

> The Worcester Anti-Foreclosure Team will hold a Home Foreclosure

> Auction Protest in front of Ramon’s house this afternoon. Ramon, who

> we contacted on outreach Saturday, is facing a possible foreclosure

> auction on Wednesday. He has been played back and forth by the banks,

> but with an added twist. He gave a lot of money to a lawyer in Saugus,

> who has been non-responsive, but who sent him a notice that the

> auction would be next week. Ramon called to tell his bank, Wells

> Fargo, that foreclosure would be illegal because he hadn’t been given

> proper notice, but they dismissed his complaint with contempt.




> Occupy Taipei

>  [Member report] “Occupy Taipei has been in existence for a month and

> holds weekly assembly/action. We have up to 500 people involved. The

> group is currently located in the park in front of Taipei 101 on

> Songzhi Rd.”



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> sources of occupation-related updates. You are welcome to share this

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