Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] global voice chat
From: anya
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 15:31:24 -0500

so we now have a server with the voice chat system set up on it. we need to start using it -
i think that getting in touch with all MEDIA TEAMS around occupied locations will be the right way to do it... i only don't know how. 
any ideas on what would be the more efficient way for circulating this info?
also, who is in charge of it will be good to post it there because if we (different cities) will  start connecting via this chat it will drastically increase the ease of communication  and will introduce all internet community that is in support of us into a direct dialogue. 

for now, the info about it is here :

It will be good if someone can come to the chat to test some functions also - and i assume we will need couple volunteers to be granted an admin access to look over it. 
i will be there all the time, so you can just pop-in any moment. 
I think that the sooner we start using this chat the better our global coordination will be, i feel that it is really time sensitive with the amount of pressure the mass media gives us over "disorganization".