Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Developer here
From: nickjperez
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 01:06:35 -0700 (PDT)
To: internet working group

Hi, I'm Nick. Tonight was my first night checking out OWS at Zuccotti
Park, and I wish I could be there right now. There are so many voices
that need to be heard, and so many challenges to overcome (though I'm
impressed with the amount of progress already made).

I'm wondering if this is the right group for me, or if there are
others I should check out too (the open-source group looks
interesting, but that's the only other tech-related group I'm aware
of). My interests are not just internet related, but more generally IT
related. I want to help people get their message out, whether it's
done via website development, app development, social media
volunteering, or figuring out how to improve the spread of information
at events and GAs. To put it more broadly, I just want to develop
solutions to problems through the use of technology.

So here's some information.

Stuff about me: I'm 22 and have been self-educating in web & software
development for as long as I can clearly remember.
Languages that I'm really comfortable with: HTML(4 or 5), CSS,
Javascript (client & server - node.js is fun), Python, PHP.
Languages that I'm not notably experienced with, but have played with
a few times: Perl, C, C++, Flash/AS2/AS3, Ruby, Java
Content management systems that I'm comfortable with: Drupal, Joomla,
Wordpress, PyroCMS
Frameworks that I'm comfortable with: Codeigniter, CherryPy, Express,
I can design stuff too (sort of). I'm not an artist. I can't draw. I
can create usable, clean UIs.
I can write Android apps.

I'm interested in taking part. I plan on being around often, so we'll
probably get to meet in-person if there's work to be done. I'm curious
as to whether there are any open wi-fi APs near Zuccotti, and anywhere
to charge a laptop (If I can work in the area, I can be there a lot
more often).

I have plenty of time on my hands right now, so please feel free to
use it.