Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Fw: You Guys Rawk! ;)
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 13:25:31 +0000

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From: Lloyd Hardy <>
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 13:57:28 +0100
To: <>
Subject: You Guys Rawk! ;)


You might need to split this email up and send it to different people...

There are millions behind you, please remember that.

Note: Is using gmail a god idea????

If you want a secure email address, let us set it up for you... but on a server Google can read: see Bilderberg 2011/12 - Eric Schmidt, Chairman attending - guys, not a good idea to use gmail?!

"Hi NSA, CIA, FBI terrorists intercepting this email!"  < -- please think about it... they can read your mail right now... I don't mind, but others might not email you because of it.

1.0 - Offering Services

I'm a software developer - anything I can do from Europe to help, let me know.

You mentioned Open Source - you probably actually mean Free Software / Free Cultural Works. Open source != freedom. Open sourc eis very good and useful, but it will not protect freedom. Please see I can make a web video for you to educate if it helps.

2.0 - The Reality of What We Are Dealing With

Had a very sad time watching this and finding out the truth, a screening of this academic work by over 1500 architects & engineers would educate:

Reading about Bill Gates, Rockefeller, Vaccines in Africa, HIV, Bilderberg, Obama, Bin Ladin etc - please don't have any vaccines down there, no matter who's trying to give them to you!

3.0 - Specific Offer: Software Development

Again, let me know if you need some web-based software - that you control / can access the source code of and have freedom with - for example, as a voting system on issues or a place to store ideas / documents.... if you can't find a web app for it (and you may find they shut you down), we can make it for you.

I'm not sure what you might need, but anything that runs in a web browser (see:, any type of application that stores data and reports on it, we can make and give you, built on an entirely free platform - so just let me know, ok? You can have as much development time as you want at no cost - and you will own (we will own) the software...

We are the 99.9'%.

(And we are legion)



Yours kindly,

Lloyd Hardy MSc. [IT] Dist.
Managing Director, ERP Software Ltd
Tel: +353 1 44 33 44 3