Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Letter of introduction & Outline of new OWS Forum
From: David What
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 21:04:13 -0700 (PDT)
To: "" <>

Global Crier

                                                                             Oct. 10, 2011
To whom it should concern;

I am David of the Global Crier  If you Google “Global Crier” you will find many of the chat rooms, forums, and  message boards I have posted on over the last few years.  Where I have mainly focus on the Palestinian crisis. So I know what it is like to go against the tide of the American establishment.  Why I am sending this letter of introduction is because I would like to get involved in helping the Occupy Wall Street movement. 

I am an older “ out of the box creative thinker” who would like to brainstorm some ideas and concepts. Starting with, you have to expand your OWS Forum. It should be come one of the most important tools you will have for OWS to succeed in its mission over the coming years. There are many other concepts and ideas I would share with your group over the course of time. I am not a computer geek or programer but I have had some working experience with liberal grass root causes. I started an outline for a possible new OWS Forum. Just some ideas nothing written in stone.  

In closing keep up the good work. It will be an up hill struggle all of the way. I am hoping we will be working together in the near future some projects. Please let me know what you think and if there is anything I can do.


Occupy Wall Street Forum 

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) should be expanding there website capabilities as soon as possible. It is one of the most powerful tools OWS has to build out the OWS grass root movement.  It should be a multilateral platform performing many different operations. From recruiting more supporters and volunteer workers to getting OWS message out to the people. As a way for OWS grass root local leaders to communicate with one and another and to running OWS workshops with its many supporters across the country. This outline is going to mainly focus on  the expansion of OWS Forum. 

OWS Forum should become one of the cornerstones of the OWS movement. Keep the current OWS Forum as it is today open to everyone pro and con OWS. Change the name to OWS Bulletin  Board. Create a new OWS Forum that will have different departments and levels for different purposes. It will be important to keep some of OWS Forum open for OWS partners in the cause. Some of the departments will need OWS moderators/leaders. Some of the departments will be for exclusive for OWS local leaders and want to be OWS leaders one day. 

The new OWS Forum will look and operate something like this. Open Forum the bulletin board will take up one third of the page expandable to full page if desired. The second third of the forum screen will be a library of videos and movies section that will be divided into two main section. The first section will be open to any of the supporters of OWS to post YouTube videos, Hulu movies, home made videos and other informative videos that do not violate the copyright laws. The second section of the video library will be for the OWS leaders to post videos this section will be divided into three sections. Many of the videos and movies may come from the open forum movie section. OWS three will be 1. Educational Videos about the Issues 2. Informative movies about OWS and the cause. 3. Good informative videos that may be a little off topic. All of OWS Video sections will be available for the general public to view. 

The third sections of OWS Forum window will be more like the other traditional forums with many different topics and sub-topics. It will have one small section that will only be accessible to approved members of OWS and friends. This section will be divided into different sections for specific purposes such as the moderator corner that will be later outline. The rest of the forum will be open to OWS supporters and the general public as long as they do not violate OWS code of conduct for the forum. Where today on OWS Forum anything goes and nobody knows. 

The OWS Code of Conduct should very open and broad as far as the different topics and positions a poster may have on the many issues before us. It is the manner and intent of the posters that will have to be monitored. So that the Forum function as a constructive tool in building bridges of understanding, not as a weapon that the OWS detractors use to turn off, derail, slander, or insult other members of OWS. Which you will clearly find on any successful un-moderated forum that covers any kind of controversial issues. The OWS moderators will act to keep the posters discourse on many issues civil and respectful as well as in the appropriate section or sub-section of the forum.